Spiritual Blindness

A man and his wife pulled into a gas station to refuel their car. As the gas tank was being filled, the gas station attendant began to wash  the  windshield. When he
finished, the driver of the car said, “The windshield is still dirty. Wash it again.” “Yes, sir,” the attendant answered. As he scrubbed the windshield a second time, he carefully looked for any bugs or dirt he might have missed. When he finished, the man in the car became angry. “It’s still dirty!” he said. “Do it again!”

The attendant cleaned the windshield a third time. By now, the driver was fuming. He yelled, “What’s wrong with you, man? This windshield is still filthy! I’m going to talk to your boss to make sure you don’t work here another day.” As the man was about to get out of the car, his wife reached over, removed his glasses and wiped them with a tissue, then put them back on his face. The driver was terribly embarrassed when he realized the windshield was spotless.  The problem wasn’t the gas station attendant, but the driver’s dirty glasses.

We all have blind areas in our life that we are unable to see. Sometimes, it can terribly damage our lives and the lives of others. Spiritual blindness is not a small matter. So what makes us spiritually blind? Actually, our spiritual eyesight is supposed to progressively improve until we go to heaven. God often uses difficulties in our lives to enlighten our soul and improve our spiritual sight. But it’s also possible that our spiritual eyes become blurry due to these difficulties and so we fail to see God’s glorious hope for us in heaven. Our spiritual sight can also become blurry due to other spiritual reasons, like the sin of pride, bitterness, anger, grudges, bad theology, false assumptions, fixed ideas, or any deceptiveness of sin. We have to examine ourselves. Is your spiritual vision improving or deteriorating? If it’s not improving, we must examine ourselves to see what is blocking us from having 20/20 spiritual vision. We need to remove these hindrances through sincere repentance.

What do you see day-to-day? Do you see the glorious kingdom of God coming soon? Are you truly hoping for God’s kingdom to come? If our spiritual vision is blurry, it’s hard to run the race to the end. It’s hard to give ourselves fully to the work of Lord. We cannot run the race to the end. May the Lord restore our spiritual vision and the joy of His salvation in us day by day so that we can run the race of our faith to the end.                    (BENELLY)

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  1. Minda Sodoso says:

    We need the Holy Spirit to empower us., so that when we see things it’s our spiritual eyes we are using because if we use our natural eyes., we will only see the things in the world but when we use our spiritual eyes we could see beyond., the beautiful world in the spiritual realm., where there is peace., joy ., and love .,, Halleluia!!

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