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Weekly Reflection

Turned On By Prayer
Posted on Saturday, March 21, 2015 in Weekly Reflection

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in
order that you may know the hope to which He has called you…

“The eyes of the heart” is a strange expression, isn’t it? Eyes are the instrument by which we perceive things. The mind also has eyes. If you listen to truth in any area, the eyes of your mind are grasping ideas. But the apostle tells us here that not only does the mind have eyes, but the heart as well. The heart needs to see things, needs to grasp truth and understand it. And the heart is always used in Scripture as the seat of our emotions.

Remember the episode in Luke 24—that walk to Emmaus when the risen Lord appears to the two disciples? The Lord joins them, but they don’t know who He is. He walks along with them and unfolds to them all the Scriptures concerning the promised Messiah. Afterward, they said to one another, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

That burning of the heart represents the heart’s eyes being opened. It is the inflaming of the heart, so that it comes alive and is deeply moved. When the heart begins to burn with truth, when it takes root in you and you simply must respond to it, that is when you know with certainty that God is real, that the hope of your calling is genuine, that the power of His presence is available, and that the riches of His ministry through you is manifest to others as well.

I remember when a young man became a Christian, came into the church, and married a girl who had grown up in the church. At first his Christian life was glorious to behold. He eagerly read the Scriptures. But after a while it all began to ebb away. He lost his interest in the Scriptures, and quit coming to church. He was no longer interested in fellowship with other believers.

Naturally his wife became concerned. So she and a friend decided that they would pray together for her husband every day. She decided in her heart that she would not nag him, because she didn’t want him to come unless his heart genuinely directed him to. She resolved simply to pray daily. For a month or more nothing happened. But she kept on praying.

Gradually her husband’s attitude began to change a bit. One day she found him reading the Bible. She didn’t say anything to him, but it was a note of encouragement. Then, one Sunday, he announced that he was going to church with her. Again she rejoiced inwardly. After a while, he said to her, “You know, dear, I’ve really been way out of it! Somehow or other I lost all my interest in the Lord. But God has moved in and met me and brought me back.” What a wonderful testimony to the power of prayer to open eyes!

It isn’t enough simply to teach truth. You never affect the whole person until the eyes of the heart are enlightened. When truth is moved from the head down to the heart, it has gripped the emotions. Then the will is properly motivated. Then the person begins to grow tremendously.  (ELAINE STEDMAN)

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Latest Updates

Spiritual Warfare & Prophetic Prayer Meeting


spiritual_warfare copyDate:  Friday, March 13, 2015
Time: 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.
Venue: Wesley Methodist Church Klang (Prayer Room)

Revival In The Mountains – The Ba’Kelalan Miracle

spiritual_warfare_philipThe Lun Bawangs used to be nominal Christians, but the Lord dealt with them until they were filled with the fear of the Lord…

In 1987, deep in the jungles of Sarawak, in the village of Ba’Kelalan, home to the Lun Bawang tribe, you might have stumbled upon a young Chinese man from West Malaysia. He was an odd sight, so one would be forgiven for wondering what had brought him there, close to the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The man is today Pastor Philip Siang, a man with a big heart for tribal people both in East & West Malaysia. Back then, Siang had a keen interest in what God was doing in the nation, and wanted to travel around to learn more. When he heard about a great revival that happened at Ba’Kelalan, he naturally decided to go there. When he reached his destination, he felt that he belonged there.

As a West Malaysian, he couldn’t stay long, but he soon returned there, this time as a student of the local Bible school He quickly integrated into the community and soon became an interpreter. He was a friend and brother to many who had experienced the revival, and was witness to its widening impact …….

But God “chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong” (1 Cor 1:27). As Siang further says, “God prepared the Lun Bawangs because of their simplicity. The Bible says, ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’ These are people who are meek. They are warriors who fight not with carnal weapons, but with weapons of righteousness, gentleness, goodness, faith, steadfastness, and truth.”

Siang has more stories of the Ba’Kelalan revival, but this article cannot hold all those stories. Since his early years there, he has continued to witness the wondrous workings of God wherever he goes. Yet Siang believes that there’s much more that God can and will do, be it in Ba’Kelalan or elsewhere.

“I’ve not seen nor heard the Lord personally, or touched Him personally, but I’ve seen His footprints, His works. And still I’ve seen very little,” he concludes.

(Adapted from Asian Beacon, June-July 2014 Vol 46 No 3)

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Christmas Musical 2014 – In Search Of HIM!



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VBS 2014 – SpaceQuest


VBS 2014: Space Quest

Blasting off into space in 59 days! Hope to see your kids there! Register today!

For registration forms, you can…

1. OFFLINE – Download the images below and print the form. Submit the hardcopy to us.

2. ONLINE – Click the link —> VBS 2014 – SpaceQuest Registration Form

Klang Wesley VBS 2014 Reg Form - Page 1Klang Wesley VBS 2014 Reg Form - Page2

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Healing And Deliverance Seminar



Date: October 4, 2014 (Saturday)
Time:  9.00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.
Venue: Wesley Methodist Church Klang
4 Jalan Bukit Jawa, 41000 Klang Tel: 3372 2698
Cost: RM10.00 per person (inclusive of tea)
Closing Date For Registration : September 28, 2014 (Sunday)

About the speaker : Rev Kok Sing Chong graduated from Trinity Theological College Singapore in 1976. From 1977 to 2003 he served in Chin Hock Methodist Church in Sitiawan. He retired in 2004. Since then the Lord has been taking him to China, Taiwan, Indonesia and US to teach, disciple and minister in Healing & Deliverance, Prayer and Preaching of His Word.

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Weekly Prayer

Prayer List: March 22, 2015
Posted on Saturday, March 21, 2015 in Weekly Prayer

Sunday, (Mar 22) – The Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes… (Romans 1:16). Pray that as we read /hear God’s Word our lives will be changed by the power of God, and our lives will confirm and not contradict what we say we believe. Pray that we will continue to grow in our Christian walk, following in the footsteps of Christ so as to lead others to the saving knowledge of Him. Pray that in difficult and trouble-filled times, we will not lose heart, but put our hope in our faithful God, and look forward to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, (Mar 23) – As we enter into the second week of our 21-Day Prayer & Fasting, thank God for all those who come faithfully every morning at 6a.m. Praise the Lord for the times of worship, the sharing of devotions, and the prayers and intercessions for our people, the Church in Malaysia, our nation, and the world. Pray that more people will come for these morning watches and be blessed by the Spirit of God. Pray also for God’s strength and grace upon those who are leading the worship, the devotions and the prayers.

Tuesday, (Mar 24) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the politicians in Malaysia, especially the representatives in the Parliament and State Assemblies. Pray that these men and women will gain the respect of the people of Malaysia through acts of pure service to the nation of Malaysia. Pray that they will not buckle to the temptations of bribery and corruption. Pray that even now new and young leaders who are competent and of good character will be prepared for future representation at Parliament and State levels.

Wednesday, (Mar 25) – Pray for the World: Pray for the small number of Christians in Somalia who have come to Jesus from the Islamic faith that they will persevere and grow deeper in their faith. Pray that the Lord will protect them from any harm. Pray that they will be living testimonies of the love of Christ, and others in the land will also turn to Christ. Pray for the restoration of a functioning government which will give freedom to all faiths.

Thursday, (Mar 26) – The Sunday School Easter Party will be held this Sunday, March 29, 2015. As it is an outreach programme, pray that the children will invite and bring along their friends (especially those from pre-believing homes) for the party. Pray that all the children, especially the news ones will understand the message presented, and they will respond to the love of Jesus. Pray that our church people will make an effort to connect and make friends with the pre-believing parents who come. Pray that everything will flow smoothly, and God will be glorified.

Friday, (Mar 27) – Pray for the TRAC: Recently, many church representatives attended a GST Readiness Workshop for the Methodist Church in Malaysia. The Methodist Church in Malaysia has registered as a “Registered Person” under the GST Act. Pray that all local churches will do their paper work orderly with regards to matters pertaining to the GST. Pray also that local churches and the leadership will remember that the business of the church is ministry work and not profit-making business.

Saturday, (Mar 28) – Read Through The Bible 2015 will begin tomorrow until Wednesday (March 29 – April 1. 2015). Pray for the organizing committee, as the committee members look into last minute details, that they will not miss out anything. Pray that our church members will come to proclaim God’s Word, especially those who have not participated when we read through the entire Bible during the previous years. Pray for participation from the senior adults, adults and young adults, youths and children. Pray that people will be willing to come in the wee hours of the night to read God’s Word aloud. Pray that as God’s Word is proclaimed, the spiritual atmosphere in our church and the surrounding areas will be transformed.

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