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Weekly Reflection

Life Lessons From Women In The Bible
Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2015 in Weekly Reflection

Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11: 1-5, 12: 11-19) King David gives into sin and sleeps with Bathsheba, another man’s wife. Bathsheba was the object of King David’s desire. Did she feel pressured because he was King or was she a willing participant? We don’t know, but through her story,  we see  that sin  has BIG  consequences  for King
David.   Life Lesson: The consequences of sin outweigh the pleasures of sin.

Woman of Faith (Matthew 9: 20-22) The woman we meet in Scripture has been ill for 12 years. Undoubtedly, she has tried everything to address her illness, but nothing has worked. She hears about Jesus and becomes convinced that He can help her if she  can  just  get  close  enough to  touch  His  cloak.
Through her tenacity, she gets to Jesus and touches Him. He feels the energy transfer between Him and the sick woman and tells her that her faith has healed her.   Life Lesson: Connecting with God and having an attitude that is full of faith is the answer to all of our problems.

Mary and Martha (Luke 10: 38-42) Martha is focused on the wrong thing. She is distracted by that which is insignificant. She has Jesus at her house. This is a once in a lifetime type opportunity to learn from Him…but she is focusing on the wrong things. We, too, worry about things we shouldn’t be concerned about. We are distracted too. Our focus should be on God.  Life Lesson: Don’t worry about insignificant things. Focus your attention of learning more about God.

Lydia (Acts 16: 13-15) Lydia was willing to receive the Word of God and when she did, her family responded too and opened their hearts. Her household was baptized into Christ because she, first, responded to the Word of God.   Life Lesson: Worried about your family and their lack of a relationship with God? Be like Lydia. Continue to be an example for them to follow.

Woman Caught in Adultery (John 8: 1-11) The woman who was caught in adultery was to be punished by being stoned to death. When Jesus asked for the person without sin to cast the first stone, no one could condemn the woman. We all have sinned. We should not harshly judge others. Jesus does not condemn us, but He expects for us to leave  sin alone.  Life Lesson:  Do  not
condemn or judge others. Christ has mercy on all of us. We all have the right to forgiveness. However, the Lord fully expects us to leave sin alone and do our very best to live a godly life as He has outlined in His Word.

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Latest Updates

Alpha Parenting Teenagers Course 2015


parenting_teenagers_2015DATE & TIME & WHERE?
Begins on Sunday, May 10, 2015
Every Sunday until June 28, 2015
From 10:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
At Wesley Methodist Church Klang

RM25 per person or RM40 per couple (including Course Manual & Refreshments)

Parents, step-parents or carers of teenagers aged 11 to 18 years

Each session consists of a DVD talk & small group discussions, and participants are expected to do the homework section before coming for the next session.

Parenting teenagers is harder than ever for most parents today. No role we undertake is  more important than parenting.

We are the main influence on our teenagers’ future. Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference. Meeting our teenagers’ deepest needs, setting healthy boundaries, helping to develop their emotional health and teaching them how to make good choices takes skill and dedication. Taking time to reflect on our end goal can help us to build our relationship with our teenagers now.

was developed by Nicky & Sila Lee, co-authors of The Parenting Book and The Marriage Book. They also created The Parenting Children Course, The Marriage Course and
The Marriage Preparation Course. Nicky & Sila have been married for over thirty years, have four children, 3 grandchildren and are on the staff at Holy Trinity Brompton – the London church that started the Alpha Course.

parenting_teens_2015_tableIf you have any enquiries, please contact:
Dr Lim Ee Sze @ 012-233 1545
Dr Vincent Wong @ 019-292 2863
Mr Raymond Tan @ 019-215 8868

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Church Camp 2015 : Wholesome Families



For more information on cost and schedule, please view Flyer.

Pastor Nicholas Choo (Main Speaker) churchcamp2015-nicholasRev Nicholas Choo Kok Wi holds a B.A. in Psychology with Trent University, and a M.Th from Ontario Theological Seminary in Canada. He is also a certified Train-the-Trainer administrator for DISC Personality Profile Insight and a World Teach Equipper. He is the Principal Consultant of HistoryMakers. He is a much sought-after speaker, especially in the ASEAN region.

Nicholas has conducted many camps for children, youth and the family over the last 3 decades covering themes such as personal development, relationship building, leadership formation and inter-generational family integration. His vast knowledge and experience about family matters have attracted many organizations such as schools, corporate companies, charity groups and churches to engage him in writing or conducting training packages for them. Prior to his current itinerant ministry since 1992, Nicholas was a pastor at Bethel Assembly of God church in Singapore for 12 years. He also co-started a church-based uniformed adventure group called the Royal Rangers in 1977 and served as its first National Commander for 10 years between 1984 and 1993 under the Assemblies of God of Singapore.

Nicholas is happily married to a lovely wife, Karen, and has two great children, Audrey (25) and Raymond (24).

Pastor Steven Low (Youth Speaker) churchcamp2015-stevenPastor Steven Low was the Training Manager of WorldTeach (Walk-Thru the Bible) for the northern region of Malaysia for two years before he served God in Kledang Community Chapel, Ipoh, as their elder and full-time worker. As of March 1st 2005 he was called to serve as Associate Director (Gospel Missions) of Ministries for Asia Pacific (MAP). He has resigned from MAP and pursued a Master of Ministry at the Malaysia Bible Seminary as a full-time student. He graduated with M Min in November 2010.

Steven has a passion for making Christian disciples through Bible Teaching and evangelistic preaching. He continues to use his gifts and calling not only in his new home church (Agape Chapel, Kota Damansara) but also in other Evangelical churches of various denominations and other Christian organizations. He also ministers in the CFs of schools, colleges, universities, banks, legal firms, Businessmen’s Fellowships, church camps, short term Bible Schools, evangelistic banquets and gospel campaigns. He still conducts 12 of the seminars of WorldTeach in various churches and settings. It still thrills him to see sinners saved and saints sanctified for the glory of God.

Steven is married to Tessie. Their daughter Abby (an air stewardess with SIA) stays in Singapore. Their son Ezra is with Celcom in Kuala Lumpur. Steven currently worships and serves at Agape Chapel, Kota Damansara as one of the Elders.

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Spiritual Warfare & Prophetic Prayer Meeting


spiritual_warfare copyDate:  Friday, March 13, 2015
Time: 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.
Venue: Wesley Methodist Church Klang (Prayer Room)

Revival In The Mountains – The Ba’Kelalan Miracle

spiritual_warfare_philipThe Lun Bawangs used to be nominal Christians, but the Lord dealt with them until they were filled with the fear of the Lord…

In 1987, deep in the jungles of Sarawak, in the village of Ba’Kelalan, home to the Lun Bawang tribe, you might have stumbled upon a young Chinese man from West Malaysia. He was an odd sight, so one would be forgiven for wondering what had brought him there, close to the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The man is today Pastor Philip Siang, a man with a big heart for tribal people both in East & West Malaysia. Back then, Siang had a keen interest in what God was doing in the nation, and wanted to travel around to learn more. When he heard about a great revival that happened at Ba’Kelalan, he naturally decided to go there. When he reached his destination, he felt that he belonged there.

As a West Malaysian, he couldn’t stay long, but he soon returned there, this time as a student of the local Bible school He quickly integrated into the community and soon became an interpreter. He was a friend and brother to many who had experienced the revival, and was witness to its widening impact …….

But God “chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong” (1 Cor 1:27). As Siang further says, “God prepared the Lun Bawangs because of their simplicity. The Bible says, ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’ These are people who are meek. They are warriors who fight not with carnal weapons, but with weapons of righteousness, gentleness, goodness, faith, steadfastness, and truth.”

Siang has more stories of the Ba’Kelalan revival, but this article cannot hold all those stories. Since his early years there, he has continued to witness the wondrous workings of God wherever he goes. Yet Siang believes that there’s much more that God can and will do, be it in Ba’Kelalan or elsewhere.

“I’ve not seen nor heard the Lord personally, or touched Him personally, but I’ve seen His footprints, His works. And still I’ve seen very little,” he concludes.

(Adapted from Asian Beacon, June-July 2014 Vol 46 No 3)

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Christmas Musical 2014 – In Search Of HIM!



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Weekly Prayer

Prayer List: May 24, 2015
Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2015 in Weekly Prayer

Sunday, (May 24) – Today is Methodist Women (MW) Sunday. Praise God for all the women in our church. Thank the Lord for the MW for all the effort the committee members put in in organizing the Read Through The Bible 2015. Pray for mo re women to serve in the MW committee. The MW meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month for Bible Study and prayer. Praise God for the 6-7 ladies who come regularly, and pray that more ladies who are free will come for this. Pray that women in our church who have prayer needs will seek out the MW ladies for prayer and support.

Monday, (May 25) – Pray for the senior members of our church. Of late, a number of them have been struggling with health issues. Pray for God’s healing touch and hand of protection upon them. Praise God for the way He has miraculously healed some of them. Pray that the Lord will continue to grant them His grace and comfort in their senior years. Pray that our church members will take the time to connect with, and spend time with them. Pray also for the Super Seniors Cell Group that will meet on Wednesday (May 27, 2015) that the members will be blessed and edified by the Cell Group meeting.

Tuesday, (May 26) – Pray for the Nation: The Par liament continues to be in session until June 16, 2015. Pray that sufficient time will be given to debate bills and that important and critical bills will be dealt with respectfully and responsibly, giving due regard to the high office of governing the nation. Pray that the government backbenchers will be open to constructive criticisms and that the opposition Members of Parliament will give positive suggestions and not criticize for the sake of criticizing. Pray that all the sessions will be conducted in an orderly manner, and there will be no unruly behavior.

Wednesday, (May 27) – The Worship Teams (including youths who are worship leaders and musicians) meet once in two months for a time to grow deeper in the area of worship leading in church through DVD teaching. Praise God that these gathering have been a time of encouragement, blessing and edification for the people. Pray that the worship teams will be able to put into practical application what has been learnt, and that the Lord will continue to use them to lead the church deeper in the area of worshipping Him, and drawing closer to Him. Pray that all the members of the Worship Teams will be able to come for these bi-monthly gatherings on a Saturday morning, especially the youths.

Thursday, (May 28) – Thank God for all the pastors and leaders of churches that He is using to bless and strengthen His people. Pray for the Lord’s hand of blessing and care upon the pastors and leaders and their families. Pray for a shield of protection upon them and their families as the enemy is specially targeting the families of pastors and church leaders. Pray that pastors and leaders will develop a deeper relationship with God. Pray that they will set a good example of holiness, integrity, and Christ-like character.

Friday, (May 29) – Pray for TRAC:  The Board of Ministry (BOM) has assigned several older and more mature pastors to mentor the younger TRAC pastors. Pray that connections will be made between both parties. Pray for a spirit of love and genuine concern from the mentor pastors so as to help these new pastors in a wholelistic sense. Pray in general that the new TRAC pastors will always draw strength from the Lord and will not hesitate to consult their District Superintendents whenever the need arises.

Saturday, (May 30) – Pray for the World: The Syrian government protects itself only and is willing to target anybody who demands democracy and human rights regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliations. Sixty-three churches have been damaged or destroyed so far during four years of civil war in Syria. Christians suffered different types of discrimination and violence although they have been living in harmony and tolerance with Muslims for hundreds of years. Pray for God’s protection upon His people in Syria, and for strength and grace. Pray that the United Nations will take further action to ensure the safety of civilians in the nation, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliations.

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