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Weekly Reflection

4 Secrets Of Optimistic People
Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2014 in Weekly Reflection

People deal with troubling circumstances every day.  People typically react with a negative attitude to these issues.  Too often  though,  people take  this negative

attitude and make it part of their personality. So, how can we turn our frowns upside down?  We need to learn to be optimistic.  Let’s examine 4 secrets of optimistic people.

1. They Express Gratitude.  Optimistic people rarely talk about what they don’t have; it’s almost always about what they do have. You may not live in your dream house yet, but you can be thankful that you’re not homeless.  You may not drive a BMW, but at least you don’t have to ride the bus to work.  Do you see the point?  Life will NEVER be perfect.  It’s all about how you look at it.  Most people have it worse that we do.  If we want to be optimistic, we need to be thankful for the good we already have, not what we are lacking.

2. They Volunteer.  Optimistic people aren’t focused on themselves.  This is about shifting the focus from ourselves to others.  Just give it a try.  Go help an elderly person with some housework.  Go visit someone who has been sick or is in the hospital.  Studies have shown that people are much more happy and satisfied when they are focusing on helping others and not on their own problems.

3. They Notice the Good.  Optimistic people always seem to look on the bright side.  They are able to find that silver lining.  This isn’t something that comes naturally.  This is one part of optimism that we must practice.  It is very difficult to look for something positive when you are faced with dreadful situations like death, poverty, and sickness.  While it may not appear right away, an optimistic person keeps looking for the positives.

4. They Change Negative Self-Talk.  Optimistic people think positively about themselves.  Typically, when people look in the mirror they begin to pick out all of their flaws, wish they were different, and insult themselves for not being better.  Much of this is spurred on by our culture’s standard for beauty, which is unbelievably distorted.  So, what is the point?  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  No one is flawless.  Focus on the good things and change the negative self-talk into positive thoughts about yourself.

Life is so much better when we focus on the positive side. Consider this, we know that God helps us (Matthew 6:25-34), we know that God protects us (2 Corinthians 1:10), and we know that God causes all things to work together for the good of His will (Romans 8:28).  God provides these blessings because He wants us to be joyful.  He wants us to praise Him for the blessings He provides us with.  There are way too many positives in this life to wallow around in all the negatives.  Let’s learn to be optimistic people.


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Saturday Youth Service


My Skinny Jeans Don't Fit!!!

My Skinny Jeans Don’t Fit!!!

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Friday Night Meeting


geoff-freindThis reference for Major Geoff Freind’s ministry is given by
Captain Ebbenish Kabula, The Territorial Youth Secretary of
The Salvation Army Zambia Territory)

July 18, 2014 @ 8:30 p.m. at Wesley Methodist Church Klang with Major Geoff & Lyn Freind

In January 2009 while holidaying in Busselton, Western Australia Geoff
was prompted by God to start writing the stories that had impacted his life and ministry. His first book “Enjoy the Journey” has become a best seller and has raised more than $100,000.00 to support The Salvation Army Chikankata hospital in Zambia and The Salvation Army Howard hospital in Zimbabwe. His second book, “A Great Journey” has also impacted thousands of readers and continues to impact around the world.

Geoff has recently published his new book which he has called “Thank
you for the Journey” and this book will definitely become a best seller.
God’s anointing is on Geoff’s ministry and in his new book he writes about his amazing journey to Zambia when he went to work at the Chikankata Hospital in Zambia.

Hundreds of people around the world have been impacted by Geoff’s
books and many have come to faith in Jesus Christ. Geoff will share some of these amazing stories when he delivers a powerful message of how God has blessed his ministry.

The first time I met Major Geoff Freind, I came to see that he is a true man of God and his messages were a must hear for anyone who wanted to be an agent of change and bring revival into their own personal life. Listening to him speak gave me the enthusiasm to want to read his books and as you read page after page from his inspiring books they become a great stimulus to help you to move from where you are to where you want to be in your relationship with God. His books have brought light to hundreds of people in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe who had lived their lives in darkness. The pages of his books have brought hope to the hopeless, encouragement to the discouraged and salvation to the lost.

Recently, I was honoured to be part of a mission team which had travelled to Zambia from Australia under the leadership of Major Freind. It was my privileged to transport the mission team from one place to another as Major Freind ministered the Good News of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to many different places in the Zambia Territory. Major Freind would speak at Lusaka, Chikankata and Livingstone. His preaching and teaching was very powerful and many souls were won to Jesus Christ. Many patients at Chikankata mission hospital were healed with the power of the Holy Spirit and broken marriages were restored. His visit brought revival to The Salvation Army in Zambia and all those people he spoke to will never be the same again.

Personally, I have been encouraged through reading his book A Great Journey which has been a great encouragement in my own journey. I really did love every bit of this book. I learnt from the pages of this book to rely on the sovereignty of God in everything that I do. I was reminded again that it is important for every believer to seek the Kingdom of God first and the rest of the things in life will follow. The chapter in this book on When God Waters the Seed, Amazing Things Happen rekindled my trust in God in a very powerful way at a time when I needed.

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Family Day 2014


family-day-2014It’s that time of the year again! Join us for loads and loads of fun, food and fellowship! Bring along your friends and family! It’s going to be a huge BLAST!

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Forgiven Kids of Africa Choir Performance


forgiven-kids-choir-bgThe Forgiven Kids of Africa (Choir) are ambassadors of the Forgiven Kids of Africa organisation to address the needs of the African orphans & needy children by:

  • taking care of 500 kids in 4 different centres, through sponsorship for education, providing scholastic materials, food, water, shelter, clothing & medication.
  • community projects i.e. construction of community hospital in Kayunga, water project in Bugiri, building a school for orphans in Kayunga.
  • renovating the 4 orphanage centres in Bugiri & other orphanage centres.
  • teaching the children arts & crafts, music, dance & drumming.
  • distribute mosquito nets to the children & poor communities. So far 700 mosquito nets have been given out & 500 more with an ultimate target of 4,000 nets countrywide.

All are welcome! The offering collected will go to the Forgiven Kids of Africa.

For more information about the concert, please contact our church office.

forgiven-kids-logoAn organisation in Uganda, East Africa, to take care of orphans & needy children. HELP AN ORPHAN & SAVE A LIFE. Every Child Deserves A Right To Have A Meal On His Table, A Coat On His Back & A Roof Over His Head.

Visit the Forgiven Kids of Africa website at :


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Weekly Prayer

Prayer List: July 27, 2014
Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2014 in Weekly Prayer

Sunday, (July 27) – 64 people (our youths & the Youth Counselors) are at the Youth Camp in Pahang from yesterday until Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Continue to pray for the God’s protection and covering upon all the campers, and that everyone is having a good time bonding with one another, worshipping the Lord, and most important, being transformed by the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit as they listen to the teaching sessions. Pray for journey mercies as they return home on Tuesday. As Pastor and a few others will be going for a one-day visit to the Youth Camp today, pray for journey mercies and that they will have a fruitful time with the campers.

Monday, (July 28) – Pray for the Muslims as they celebrate Hari Raya that it will be a blessed and joyous time of reunion and celebration for families and friends. Pray that as the rakyat come together to celebrate Hari Raya with the Muslims, it will a time of national integration for the different races and people of different religious backgrounds. Pray for journey mercies for all who will be travelling during this festive season, that people will be patient and alert on the roads, and keep to the speed limits, especially the drivers of buses.

Tuesday, (July 29) – Pray for the World: In the wake of the recent air disasters (MH17, the TransAsia crash in Taiwan & the Algerian airliner crash in Northern Africa), pray for God’s protection and covering upon all those travelling by air. Pray for the families of the victims of all the 3 air disasters, for the remains of their loved ones to be recovered quickly so there can be proper closure for all these families. Pray for God’s comfort and strength to be with them, that they will be able to recover from their tragic losses and move on with life. Pray also for an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Wednesday, (July 30) – Pray that as we serve a great and mighty God, we will have the confidence that no matter what happens, our God is always in control, and He has our best interests at heart. Pray that this reality will enable us to be hope-filled Christians who are exercising optimistic faith in God and the perfect plans He has for us. Pray that we will be optimistic believers who do not respond to life’s challenges with fear, anxiety, and doubt, but with the joy of a deeply rooted faith that shows itself in a positive approach to even the most trying circumstances we encounter.

Thursday, (July 31) – Pray for the Nation: The Dewan Rakyat unanimously approved a motion condemning the “inhumane, uncivilised, violent and irresponsible” act of shooting down Flight MH17 in east Ukraine. Praise God that even in the light of such a tragedy, He has brought about unity in all the various political parties within the government. Pray that all politicians, regardless of their political party, will learn to work together for the common good of the rakyat and nation, instead of being involved in petty bickering and taking pot shots at one another.

Friday, (Aug 1) – Pray for TRAC:  Pray for Methodist Prayer Convention (MPC3): Pray for the 2 plenary speakers of MPC3 (Rev Dr Stephen A. Seamands & Rev Dr Joshua Ting) that they may have a timely word for the Christian community in Malaysia, and for safe arrival for Dr Seamands. Pray also for God’s wisdom and anointing to be granted to Rev Dr John Mulinde, Mr Eugene Yapp, Mr Tan Kong Beng, Pastor Alfred Tais, Rev Simon Petrus Markus who will be taking the workshop sessions in the convention.

Saturday, (Aug 2) – Tomorrow is Boys’ Brigade Enrolment Sunday. Pray that God’s blessing will be upon all that the BB has prepared, and everything will flow smoothly, bringing glory to God. Pray that the Lord will minister to the boys through the Worship Service, and they will respond to God’s love for them. Pray for more boys to join the BB, and that our youths will make a concerted effort to connect with the BB boys, so the boys will be integrated into the Youth Ministry in our church, and will join our youths in all their activities, including the monthly Youth Service on Saturday.

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