Wesley Methodist Church Klang

Welcome! We are delighted that you are visiting our website. We hope you will come visit us in person at our church. It is our sincere prayer that you will encounter Jesus Christ and that your life will be spiritually refreshed through your experience with us.

Please take time to look through our site and what is offered at Wesley Methodist Church, Klang. We are a church that desires to take Jesus to our community and world. We believe our website will help you get to know us even before we have the pleasure of welcoming you in person.

You are important to us because Jesus Christ loves you and died for the forgiveness of your sin. We want to make your time with us pleasurable and enriching, answer your questions, and assist you spiritually. Let us know how we can serve you.

God bless you!

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Star Power – A Christmas Musical


A group of Star Recruits arrive at the Star Power Training School. The stars are all eager to begin their training as heavenly stars…all except one Star, Sparky, who has always had difficulty shining strong. Wise Men are travelling from the East to worship the new born King Jesus. They need the brightest star to guide their way. Will any of the Star Recruits shine brightly enough to guide the Wise Men…

Friday, December 23, 2016(8:30pm)
Sunday, December 25, 2016(9:00am)

Wesley Methodist Church Klang
4 Jalan Bukit Jawa, 41000 Klang

For more information call 03-3372 2698
website: www.klangwesley.com
whatsapp: 012-524 0061

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What It Means To Be Lost

If you don’t understand the purpose of Christmas, you might as well skip the Christmas lights and decorations this year. You might as well forget about buying Christmas presents. You might as well forget Christmas dinner.

If you don’t know why we celebrate Christmas, all the festivities are pointless.

To find the purpose of Christmas, you have to fast forward beyond the manger, the Wise Men, and the shepherds. Jesus told us the reason He came to Earth on the first Christmas: “The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them” (Luke 19:10).

Quite simply, Jesus came because people are lost without God. To be spiritually lost means to be separated from God, disconnected, and out of whack. Without Jesus, everybody in the world is lost — no matter how much power, wealth, or fame they have.

And our lostness has immense ramifications on our lives. To know why Jesus came to Earth, we must understand what it means to be lost. Without God, we’ve lost:

• Our direction. We’re bound to have little understanding of where we should go and what we should do in this life.

• His protection. We’re on our own when we’re not under the Lord’s protection. That’s a huge reason many people are stressed out. They’re trying to live under their own care and protection instead of God’s.

• Our potential. We’ll never know half the gifts and talents we have if we’re not in a relationship with Him.

• Our happiness. We can have all the money and power in the world, but without God we will never have true joy.

• Our home in Heaven. God allows us to rebel while we’re here on Earth, but there’s no rebellion in Heaven.

But no one who is lost has lost one ounce of value to God. Even if you don’t have a relationship with Him, you have immense value to God. Lostness implies value. Whatever someone is willing to spend to recover something that’s lost shows how valuable that item is.

In the most famous verse in the Bible, Jesus clearly explains our value: “God loved the world so much that He gave His One and only Son so that whoever believes in Him may not be lost, but have eternal life” (John 3:16, NCV).

The Good News is God loved us so much He sent His Son to Earth on the first Christmas to seek and save us. That’s a reason to celebrate!         (RICK WARREN)

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Christmas Brings Reconciliation

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” (Luke 2:13-14)

Peace on earth and good will toward men – that’s reconciliation. What is reconciliation? It’s when a broken relationship is restored. When a boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife get back together, there’s reconciliation. When a father and son restore peace between each other, there’s reconciliation.

Where do you need peace in your life this Christmas? That’s what Christmas is all about – peace on earth, good will toward men. I asked people, “Where would you like to see peace?” These are the answers I got:

“I’d like to see peace in the broken families.”

“I’d love to see peace in politics.”

“With each other.”

“In my heart.”

“I’d like to see it at home.”

“I’d like to see peace in my life.”

“Peace? Right in this country of ours.”


Everywhere! Is it realistic to have peace everywhere? Isn’t it just a pipe dream to hope for peace on earth, good will toward men?

There will never be peace in the world until there is peace in nations.

And there will never be peace in nations until there is peace in communities.

And there will never be peace in communities until there is peace in families.

And there will never be peace in families until there is peace in individuals.

And there will never be peace in individuals until we invite the Prince of Peace – Jesus – to reign in our hearts.                                     (RICK WARREN)

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How To Trust God When Money Seems Scarce

Our economy is hurting and therefore many people are financially hurting as well. As Christians we know that God is our source of security,  not the economy.
So how do we trust God in the midst of pay cuts, layoffs, rising bills, and declining home values in our own lives?  How do we keep our faith strong in the midst of financial trouble?

Watch Your Focus:  I’ve come to realize that our circumstances are temporary, but our faith and trust in God is eternal. I’ve also realized that I haven’t really let my faith grow during previous times of financial trouble, as evidenced by the fact that I worry every time the income goes down again. This time, I’ve decided to focus on how our current situation can help me grow closer to God because that is all that really matters.  Once we switch our focus to what really matters, then the temporary situation doesn’t seem all that bad because we realize it’s just money.

Be Thankful:   No matter what we have, it’s so easy to complain about what we don’t have. If we would just stop focusing so much on what we don’t have, we can see the blessings of all that we do have, like family, friends, church, and even the physical things that God has previously blessed us with. Paul reminds us in Philippians that prayer with thanksgiving is the key to eliminating our worry and anxiety (Philippians 4:6-7).

Don’t stop giving:  When we aren’t thankful for what we have, often times we’ll stop giving to our church and other charities when money is tight. In reality, generosity is what opens up our lives for God’s blessings. As Christians, we are blessed to be a blessing, but if we hoard all the money we have because we’re afraid that we don’t have enough, then we aren’t a blessing.

Do What You Can and Trust God to do the Rest:  Having faith that God will supply our needs is extremely important, but God never promised to supply our wants exactly when we want them.  Just because God will provide during a time when money is scarce, doesn’t mean we should spend money the same way we did when money was plentiful.

Don’t Make Excuses:  A friend recently found out she was going to be laid off.  I reminded her that God had been there for her in the past and had never let her down and this wouldn’t be any different. She responded by saying “Yeah, but this is a big thing.”  I responded, “Oh yeah, you’re right. This is too big for God. He made the world in six days, but he won’t be able to provide for you in this situation.” Deep down she knows God is big enough for her situation, but she let her worry come out in her words.

Paul said he learned how to be content whether he had plenty of money and resources, or whether money was in short supply. He learned that by relying on God’s strength (Philippians 4:11-13).  There will be times of excess and times of need in our lives and since we can’t take money and possessions with us when we go to heaven, the only thing we have to carry through this life and into the next is our faith in and relationship with God.                          (CORTNI MARRAZZO)

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2015 WMCK Christmas Service – A Christmas Carol

Wesley Methodist Church Klang, Christmas Presentation

2015-christmas-title-slideA Christmas Musical About Giving – and especially about God’s ultimate gift in Jesus. With some subtle allusions to Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol includes meaningful dialog and some nifty original songs that are not only fun to sing, but biblically rich.

Youtube Video:

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2014 WMCK Christmas Service – In Search For Him

2014-christmas-title-slideWesley Methodist Church Klang, Christmas Service

The 3 wise men, with God’s power, transported them into the 21st century! They continue to search for baby Jesus in modern time.

Will the 3 wise men be able to find baby Jesus in the 21st century??

Youtube Video:

** Sorry abt the yellow tint. Wrong setting used in cam.

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What Do We Wear To Church?

What do we wear to church? Well, for both men and women, God wants us to wear holiness and peace to church. God wants us to take off the anger and disputing and put on the good deeds of love for one another. Those are the clothes that matter, not the fancy clothes we sometimes wear on the outside, but the attitudes we show which come from the inside.

Many years ago, an evangelist by the name of Jakov arrived at a village in Serbia. He met an elderly man there named Cimmerman, and Jakov began to talk to him of the love of Christ. Cimmerman abruptly interrupted Jakov and told him that he wished to have nothing to do with Christianity. He reminded Jakov of the dreadful history of the church in his town, where church leaders had plundered, exploited, and killed innocent people.

“My own nephew was killed by them,” he said, and angrily rejected any effort on Jakov’s part to talk about Christ. He told Jakov, “They wear those elaborate coats and crosses, but their evil designs and lives I cannot ignore.”

Jakov replied, “Cimmerman, can I ask you a question? Suppose I were to steal your coat, put it on, and break into a bank. Suppose further that the police sighted me running in the distance but could not catch up with me. One clue, however, put them onto your track: they recognize your coat. What would you say to them if they came to your house and accused you of breaking into the bank?”

“I would deny it,” said Cimmerman. And Jakov countered, “‘Ah, but we saw your coat,’ they would say.” But the analogy annoyed Cimmerman, and he ordered Jakov to leave his home.

Even so, Jakov continued to return to the village periodically just to befriend Cimmerman, encourage him, and share the love of Christ with him. Finally one day Cimmerman asked, “How does one become a Christian?”

Jakov taught him the simple steps of putting his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and Cimmerman got down on his knees and surrendered his life to Christ. As he rose to his feet, wiping his tears, he embraced Jakov and said, “Thank you for being in my life.” And then he pointed to the heavens and whispered, “You wear His coat very well.”

My friends, let’s wear His coat well wherever we are.         (C. PHILIP GREEN)

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