Welcome Message

Welcome and the Lord’s blessings be with you. We are part of God’s Big Family – the Church of Jesus Christ – here at Klang. We are called Wesley Methodist Church, Klang and are honoured to share in the rich heritage of being a Methodist Church. Our founder, Rev John Wesley, was a devout follower of Jesus Christ who eagerly desired that all men (and women) recognize their need to embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and thus humbly accept God’s gracious gift of salvation and eternal life.

It is our desire and aim to see greater quantitative and qualitative growth in the years to come. Our sources of inspiration are none other than God’s Holy Spirit who energizes us and God’s precious Holy Word, the Bible, that is ever more relevant in this twenty first century.

Our anchor weekly event is our Sunday morning worship. It begins at 8.30am and ends usually by 10am. Once a month, we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion, normally on the first Sunday. We have our Sunday School, Youth Ministry and Adult Discipleship Classes (ADC) in the late mornings on Sundays.

We also believe that Cell Group ministry is vital for the growth of the individual church member and to carry out God’s mandate of Evangelism and Edification. There are currently nineteen (19) Cell Groups in our church. Apart from this, there are other ministries in church to minister to our church as well as to reach out to both the old and young.

We welcome you to come and experience new life in Jesus at Wesley Methodist Church, Klang.

Rev Gaurri Maniam