Methodist Women

Methodist Women comprises women members of the church who support and accept its purpose and is willing to participate in the work of the Methodist Women through prayer, service and gifts.

The Purpose of Methodist Women :

  • To help women grow in the knowledge and experience of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.
  • To challenge women to response to God’s redemptive fellowship to make Christ known throughout the world.
  • To develop a personal responsibility for the whole task of the Church.

The Functions of Methodist Women :

  • To unite women of the Church in service
  • To join hands with the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women “To Know Christ and Make Him Known”
  • To co-operate with other Christian women’s groups in spreading the spirit of ecumenicity.
  • To provide opportunities and resources to meet the needs and interest of women.
  • To enlist workers and secure funds for the fulfillment of their responsibilities in the mission of the Church at home and overseas.

The Methodist Women’s emblem and mission :

The role and function of the Methodist Women can best be explained by our emblem and the challenges we endeavour to face :

“In the Cross of Christ I Glory”


“Go into the World to preach the Gospel to every living creature”

These are the challenging messages represented symbolically through the Cross above the hemisphere within the triangle. The triangle is highly symbolical, representing first, the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Second, it stands for the unity of the three churches. Third, it represents the united organization of Methodist Women. Fourth, it stands for three divisions of the Board of Missions.  The triangle enclosed the two hemispheres which extends to the ends of the earth. A lovely encircling wreath of laurel typifies the hope of vistory for this organization in helping to win the world for Christ.

In a nutshell, the Methodist Women seeks to bring women together in fellowship and service, regardless of background. We believe and affirm that as women, we play a critically vital role not just in our families and churches, but also in our community and country as a whole.  We believe that to make a difference in our world we need to be a source of encouragement and love to women in need, emotionally, physically or spiritually. We extend Christ’s love to all, because Christ first loved us.

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