Worship & Music

The Worship & Music ministry exists to lead others into the worship of God. Our primary purpose is to give God the glory, honour and praise that He deserves. Klang Wesley is blessed with a vibrant and energetic team of musicians, dancers, singers and technicians who help facilitate events and worship meetings.

Worship Team
A team of dedicated worship leaders, singers, musicians, sound and multimedia technicians are involved in weekly celebration services.  While everyone has specific skills and talents and have their own responsibilities, we come together with the same purpose – to magnify the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, skilfully combining God’s Word with music, thereby motivating the gathered church to proclaim the Gospel, cherish God’s presence, and live for God’s glory.

We work in teams according to a roster and serve on the weekly Sunday celebrations, as well as on special functions like weddings, seminars etc. Rehearsals are usually held on Saturdays in the main Sanctuary.

Dance Team
The dance ministry aims to impact the lives of girls of all ages through the expression of tambourine dance, interpretative dance and signing, streamers and banners,  and contemporary dance. Emphasis is given to teaching God’s word through times of devotion and memorizing scripture verses. Through this, we nurture the girls in the dance team spiritually as well as help them understand their roles as servants of the living God.

We believe that talent and skill go hand in hand with commitment and a calling to serve in any ministry. Every member of the dance team must go through an assessment syllabus before they progress to the next level.  There are 4 exams currently for the tambourine dance:- Beginner, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advance 1 and Advance 2. The girls serving in the Praise and Worship Team on Sunday mornings must pass the Beginner level.

The dance team gives opportunity for girls to worship God with in dance as they participate in major events like Easter and Christmas, Sunday School Sundays, weddings and church events. The dance team meets every Sunday morning to hone their skills.

Flag Team
The Flag Ministry aims to impact the lives of boys of all ages through the expression of flag twirling. Like the tambourine girls, flag boys are nurtured spiritually by memorizing Bible verses and learning about God. The set syllabus for assessment of twirling flags covers Beginner, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advance 1 and Advance 2. To serve in the Praise & Worship Team on Sunday mornings, boys must pass the Beginner and Intermediate levels of twirling flags.

Like their Sisters in the Dance Team, Flag Boys will also be given opportunity to worship God and serve in major events of the church like Easter, Christmas, Sunday School Sunday and others.

Childrens’ Music Team
Klang Wesley recognizes that skilled musicianship doesn’t just happen. It is  a result of committed practice and honing of skills plus a dedication to worship and love God through their instruments. The Childrens’ Music Team is aimed at impacting the lives of young boys and girls through music by nurturing and developing their talents in playing  musical instruments.

Through this ministry, we teach children how to play an instrument with the long term goal of having these children join the worship team as musicians. Hence, being extremely worship-oriented, teaching points include defining worship, the attitude of being a worship team member, and communication methods between musicians and worship leader.

At the moment the ministry’s focus is solely on guitar, and there are 2 levels that the children need to accomplish before continuing on to serve in the Sunday School worship ministry – Beginner and Intermediate. The ministry is open to boys and girls 12 years and under, and both Beginner and Intermediate classes are Free.

The choir is usually mobilized prior to Easter, Christmas and other major events. A core group of singers form the choir’s nucleus, and invitation to join is usually extended to members of all ages and gender, who love singing and serving the Lord and also to glorify God and lead others into the worship of God.

We welcome anyone who loves the Lord and desires to serve him in any capacity in our Worship and Music team. To find out how you can serve in this ministry please contact the following via our church office :

  • Samuel Lee (Music & Sound Tech)
  • Vivian Koa (Dance & Flags)
  • Sharon Tan (Childrens’ Music)
  • Jane Amarasingham (Choir)