Children’s Ministry (Sunday School)

Sunday School welcomes children from ages 0 to 12 years. Our classes
are divided into Toddlers (4 years and below), Kindergarten (5 & 6 years
old), Standard 1 & 2, Standard 3 & 4 and Standard 5 & 6.

Sunday School begins at 1045am with worship followed by classes and
ends at 1245pm. Lessons are taught in a fun-filled way which includes
role-playing, games, crafts, songs etc. Relevant materials are sourced
from various publishers, dependant on age group.

Children are given points for attendance, memory verse and other
participation to reinforce positive habits. These points are used for
redemption during our Birthday celebrations. They can redeem their
points for toys, novelties, stationary, books and lots of other fun stuff.

The heart of the Sunday School ministry is reaching out and touching the
lives of children within our community. Many of our programmes are
geared towards this purpose eg Birthday parties, Christmas and Easter
parties. The highlight of our yearly programme is the year-end Vacation
Bible School. With an average attendance of 150 children, the VBS is a
time of fun where children from diverse backgrounds get to play, learn
and fellowship with one another. More importantly, it’s a time to
experience the immense love God has for children. Praise the Lord…!!!

There are also dance and flag classes for the girls and boys respectively.
We also offer guitar classes for kids who are interested.

The Standard 5 & 6 kids are often invited to join the activities organized
by the Youth Ministry. They have games and fellowship, and once a year,
they will also join the Youth Camp.

So, come and join us…..!!! God Bless You!
10.45am to 12.45pm

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