Help & Counselling

Malaysian Social Aid Organizations, Links and Websites

  • Malaysian Care
    The Malaysian Care service directory dealing with social concerns including :

    • Substance abuse
    • Prison outreach
    • HIV/Aids aid and counselling
    • Children’s welfare
    • Senior citizens’ welfare
    • Community development
    • Physical disabilities
  • Befrienders (Malaysia)
    Phone-in, email or face-to-face help and counselling especially to individuals contemplating suicide.
  • Brothers’ Keepers
    A Christian drug rehabilitation center for men.
    Lot 1959K, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Kawasan 16, 41300 Klang.
    email : or contact Mark Ooi (016-3920995)


International Links and Websites


  • Befrienders Worldwide
    The Befrienders provide emotional support and counselling especially to people in the high risk group contemplating suicide. Locate a Befrienders in your country to help you or a friend in distress.


    Addiction and Substance Abuse : Understand the Causes and Type.
    Resource for helping someone you know who may be struggling with Addiction or Substance Abuse.