Girls’ Brigade

Discover your true potential with people who believe in you!

What is The Girls’ Brigade?

The Girls’ Brigade (GB) is a uniformed Christian organization that creates fun activities to educate, inspire and develop girls of confidence, character and courage.

Run by trained GB leaders and volunteers, these activities include such fun programmes such as camping, make-up sessions, games, dances, life skills, photography, spiritual development, sports and even more. These are run at local, regional, national and international levels, allowing girls to be exposed to a wide circle of friends.

Designed to develop girls into women of excellence, GB weekly meetings include members from all walks of life and a broad age range.

The Girls’ Brigade Develops Girls…

Belief in God based on Christian values and principles; activities for
building character and developing the capacity to make good and right decisions.

GB serves to complement the school curriculum and thus helps girls gain additional knowledge and skills with its programme of wholesome fun in learning, discipline in freedom and responsibility in leadership.

Awareness o the environment and community around them; to develop a sense of care and concern for others.

Instill a sense of adventure, fair competition and fitness as an individual and a maturing young lady.

Levels of Achievement

Cadet (6-8years)
Junior (9-11 years)
Senior (12-14 years)
Pioneer (15-18 years)

So join GB and bring out the best in you today!