Prayer Points: December 29, 2019

Sunday, (Dec 29) – Praise God for declaring us righteous in His sight; that we are as justified as we will ever be, and we have full and irrevocable peace with God because He made peace with us through the finished work of Jesus. Thank Him that we are no longer weighted down with guilt because we are standing in His grace, and we no longer have to fear the future and things we cannot control. Pray that God will give us grace to rejoice in our sufferings, and free us from our complaining and grumbling by increasing our ability to endure and to persevere. Pray that the Holy Spirit will pour more of His love into our hearts, so that there will be less room for shame, foolishness, anger, anxiety and pride.

Monday, (Dec 30) – The Watchnight Covenant Renewal Service will be held tomorrow night at 10p.m. Pray that our church members will make it a priority to end 2019 by coming for the service. Pray for good weather and smooth traffic flow. Pray that we will be open and honest before the Holy Spirit as He searches our hearts and minds, and as we reflect on how we have lived our lives this year. Pray that as we renew our covenant with God, we will sincerely commit to grow deeper in Christ as His disciples in the year ahead. Pray that many will stay back for the Mid-Night Prayer that follows. Pray for God’s anointing upon the youths as they take charge of the prayer gathering.

Tuesday, (Dec 31) – The Morning Watches will begin on Thursday to the following Tuesday (January 2-7, 2020) at 6:00a.m., except for Sunday, January 5, which will begin at 7:00a.m. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom upon the men who will be leading the Morning Watches. Pray that our church members will give priority to begin the new year with corporate prayer, and come together to seek God in worship and prayer. Pray for good weather, and smooth traffic flow, especially since the new school year will begin on Thursday, and people will be travelling to PJ and KL for work in the morning.

Wednesday, (Jan 1) – As we usher in 2020, praise God for watching over us and always being there for each and every one of us this year. Pray for forgiveness as we recall and repent of the things that hindered us from getting close to God in 2019, when we have neglected prayer and the study and obeying of His Word. Pray that this will be a year of change for all of us, and we will aim to place God in His rightful place in the centre of our lives. Pray that we will focus on love, peace and unity within our families, relatives, friends, as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit as we consistently study His Word and practice the principles of it in our daily lives.

Thursday, (Jan 2) – Pray for the Nation: Visit Malaysia 2020 has been designated for the world to know the beauty of our nation. Pray that Tourism Malaysia and the tour agencies will work closely to promote tourism to as many nations as possible. Eco-tourism has become a popular means of attracting foreign visitors. Pray that the Orang Asli in Semenanjung and Orang Asal in East Malaysia will benefit from Visit Malaysia year, and the economy of the nation will receive a significant boost.

Friday, (Jan 3) – Pray for TRAC: Thank God for a new year. Pray for all TRAC churches, for a fresh and new spirit to be upon all pastors and leaders. Pray that the disappointments of 2019 will be left behind, especially in the area of relationships and expectations. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring fresh winds of encouragement upon all the churches. Pray for new leaders who begin serving in LCECs in 2020, that they will adapt to the leadership team, and keep their focus on Christ always. Pray for pastors at new parishes, for good relationship building. Pray also that church members will recognize the new giftings in the new pastors and not unnecessarily compare the strengths of their former pastors with what they see initially in their new pastors.

Saturday, (Jan 4) – Pray for the World: Pray for world peace and unity in 2020, that wars and persecutions in the name of religion will cease. Pray that there will be respect and tolerance for one another’s beliefs. Pray for the sick, the terminally ill, the abandoned, the homeless, the rejected, the lost and those affected by natural calamities, that they will receive help, and not be forgotten.

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