A Parable Of Three Fathers

A parable is told about three fathers who each felt the soft hand of his child in his own hand and realized the responsibility of teaching his child about God.

One felt the awesome responsibility that was his, so he taught the child about the power and might of God.
As they walked down the pathway of life and came to the tall trees in the forest, the father pointed to them and said, “God made them and God can cause them to come crashing down anytime He wants to.” As they walked in the hot sun he said, “This is God’s sun. He made it and He can cause it to be so hot and so intense that the plants in the field will wither and die.” Again and again the father hammered home the power of God and how the child must be obedient to God.

Then one day they came face to face with God, and the child hid behind his father, afraid even to look, refusing to put his hand into the hand of God.

The second father also realized his responsibility to teach his child about God. Hurriedly, he tried to teach all the important lessons he knew. As they looked at the trees they only stopped for a moment to gaze at them. As they looked at the flowers of the field they hurried on by. The father told stories, but they were hurried and crammed together. He filled the child full of facts, but he never taught him how to live, or to love God.

Finally, one day, at twilight they came face to face with God, but the child only gave God a casual glance and then turned away.

The third father felt the touch of a tender hand in his and adjusted his steps to the tiny steps of the child. They walked along, stopping to look at all of God’s beauty and grandeur. They walked in the fields and picked the flowers.  They felt the delicate petals and smelled their fragrance. They watched a bird in flight, and another building her nest, laying her eggs and sitting on them until they hatched. They watched all of the beauties of nature while the father told his child stories about God over and over again.

Finally, one day in the twilight they saw the face of God, and without hesitation, the child placed his hand trustingly into the hand of His heavenly Father.                                                                                    (MELVIN NEWLAND)

One winter day a man found it necessary to go see a neighbor who lived beyond a steep and rugged mountain. He had climbed the dangerous trail for some time through the drifted snow when suddenly he heard a voice behind him call out, “BE CAREFUL, DADDY, I’M WALKING IN YOUR STEPS.”

God bless you on this Father’s Day, Fathers! Bless you in your fathering. Bless you in your walk through life.


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