Cell Leaders Dedication – 29 January 2012

We just witnessed the dedication of cell leaders. Let me give you a quick update on what we did last year and also what the cell ministry will be doing this year. Based on our 3 building blocks:

A. Building: Foundations on the Word of God. Discipleship.


1.       Cell Leaders did a study on “Christ Empowered Life” by Selwyn Hughes

2.       Cell Groups did the following studies by Rick Warren –God’s Power to Change Your Life, God’s Answers to Life’s Difficult Questions, How to have a Meaningful Quiet Time

3.       Cell groups attended the “7 Stages of Spiritual Growth” course conducted by Pastor Steven Low


1.       Cell Leaders will be doing the study on “The Mind Of Christ” by T.W. Hunt & Claude King

2.       Cell groups will be doing the Discipleship 200 series which is part of the Discipleship Track under Training & Equipping

B. Building: Relationships as commanded by our Lord Jesus. This is Edification in cell groups.

Last year was a great year of connection & building friendships & relationships with cell leaders and cell members (Relational aspect). One avenue for bonding & fellowship is the quarterly combined cells celebrations. Last year, we had a CCC Table Tennis Competition, which was a huge success and the relationships connection was HEBAT! Also, we launched the Planting Project to reach out to the refugees’ school children & family at one of the CCC. This project is headed by Redeemed 2 & Redeemed 3 cell groups. Last Sunday, they sold their first harvest to the church and do continue to give them your support.  Building relationships is continuous and each year we

build deeper & wider relationships.

C. Building: Leaderships – Shepherding the flock under our care. Read John 10:11

Year 2011 training & equipping for cell leaders – cell leaders intern training, EE training, Kairos course, cell church conference, life game, church game, prayer seminars.

Our focus for this year and for every year will be on discipleship & evangelism, thereby fulfilling our cell purpose which is:

Cell Purpose:   2Es – Edification & Evangelism

2GCs – Greatest Commandment (Mat.22:37)

Great Commission (Mat.28:19)


Cell Motto:  Living a Christ Empowered Living Life

Acts 17:28: “For in Him we live and have our being.”

Last year, we have 15 adults cell groups (an increase of 2 new cell groups from the previous year – a multiplication, Redeemed 3 & a new group – Setia Alam), 3 young adults groups, 1 seniors group, 1 college group and 1 youth group. The total number of cell groups is 21. This represents about 70% of church members who are in cell groups. For members who have yet to join cell groups, I urge you, plead and encourage you to join one TODAY! The cell groups list is printed in the bulletin so choose a group that fits your fit & call the leader! Thank you!

Cheah Lee Shum
Cell Development Coordinator

Cell Leaders in the photos above :

1. Cheah Lee Shum
2. Janny Ng

3.Jennifer Tan
4. Ethel Wijayaratne
5. Melvin Wijayratne
6. David Abraham
7. Shakuntala Abraham
8. Irene Khoo
9. Ronnie Khoo (spouse)
10. Claire Tham
11. Mrs Koa Ton Kim
12. Mr Koa Ton Kim (spouse)
13. Raymond Tan
14. Amy Tan
15. Bella Muthu
16. Hilda Chin
17. Leonard Choong (spouse)
18. Johnny Lim
19. Lee How Yam (spouse)
20. Archie Sitther
21. Dorita Sitther
22. Hong Cheng It

1. Jenny Sin
2. Chong Mei Fong

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