Christmas Musical 2019 – This Mountain I Must Climb On YouTube Now!

This Mountain I Must Climb

The musical focuses on the 3 Magi, who visited baby Jesus during Christmas time as recorded in the Bible.  Not much is known about them except for some old traditions passed down over the centuries.  Who were they?  We don’t really know, but we do know that they came from the East, and they came bearing gifts, precious gifts to be given to the Baby Jesus, who is the Saviour of the world.

This is where some creative license is given to the Team in writing the script, to portray how their journey started, what happened in their journey and what lessons we can learn from their journey.  Ultimately, the message is about how this journey to seek for Jesus is actually not too dissimilar to our own personal journeys.  Just as the Magi would face their own personal mountains as they seek the Saviour, you and I have our own mountains in life too.

Hence, the theme for this year’s musical is “This Mountain I Must Climb”.  I hope and I pray that as you witness this musical, you too will journey with the Magi to seek the Saviour, and that you too, may learn to overcome the mountains in your life. 

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