Committed In An Uncommitted World

We live in a world that can be increasingly described as uncommitted.  Divorce rates, abortion rates, and drop out rates all make this clear.  This characteristic of the fallen world is also seen in God’s church.  People show a lack of commitment in numerous ways.

When we think about true commitment it must consist of three clear aspects.  First, commitment must be complete.  When Jesus answered the Pharisee’s question as to what was the greatest command, He stated, “love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul.”  He was saying that what God wants is your all.  God desires your complete allegiance.  Every ounce of our being should be committed to God.  This is the beginning of true commitment.  True commitment is an attitude of complete dedication.

Second, true commitment is concrete.  Sometimes we desire to keep commitment to God in the theoretical.  We want to talk about being sold-out for Jesus, but are not willing to keep His commands.  Jesus states that committed love is seen in “keeping His commandments.” If we are going to be truly committed, then it must be seen in concrete obedience. Concrete obedience would mean using our words to God’s glory.  It would be using our words to build up, not tear down.  Using them to glorify God, not to curse men.  Using them to spread truth, not lies. Ultimately, those who are completely committed seek to “do the will of the Father” in all things.

Third, true commitment must be consistent.  In Matthew 23 Jesus has a scathing rebuke for the religious leaders.  His harsh words were directed at their hypocrisy.  He called them “white washed tombs.”  Their true nature was different than how they appeared.   Whenever we are inconsistent in our commitment we are the same as the Pharisees.  Commitment goes hand-in-hand with persistence.  Committed people see the task through until the end.  When it comes to our walk with God it means consistently living the Christian life until the Day of our Lord.

The church needs to be committed to the Christ.  We need to live for Him heart, mind, and soul.  The great blessing of being committed to Christ is that He will be committed to us on that last day!               (WESLEY WALKER)

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