Cyber Wellness Seminar




Keith Woo is a hcyber-wellness-keithwooighly engaging & dynamic leader who connects well with youth of all ages. Keith is one of the pioneers of Generasi Gemilang, running Cyber Wellness programs for the past 5 years. Having more than 12 years of experience in youth development-related activities and mentoring youth from different backgrounds, he hopes to challenge generations – parents and youth alike to become healthy and positive users of today’s cyber world. Keith is a former professional gamer, social networker, psychologist, researcher and aspiring comedian.cyber-wellness-nickfoong

Along with his role as Head of Youth Development, Nick Foong leads the Cyber Wellness team, which aims to bridge the digital divide between generations and instil balanced lifestyles online and offline. Nick has over 12 years marketing experience in industries ranging from fast-moving consumer goods to technology and telecommunications. With an MBA in Marketing, he’s lived and worked in the US, Singapore, Thailand and now Malaysia. Nick loves meeting people and has a passion for gadgets and loves to dabble with web 2.0 services. When not at work, he enjoys road trips and watching his two favourite sports teams, Tottenham Hotspur and the football team from his alma mater the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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