Forgiven Kids of Africa Choir Performance

forgiven-kids-choir-bgThe Forgiven Kids of Africa (Choir) are ambassadors of the Forgiven Kids of Africa organisation to address the needs of the African orphans & needy children by:

  • taking care of 500 kids in 4 different centres, through sponsorship for education, providing scholastic materials, food, water, shelter, clothing & medication.
  • community projects i.e. construction of community hospital in Kayunga, water project in Bugiri, building a school for orphans in Kayunga.
  • renovating the 4 orphanage centres in Bugiri & other orphanage centres.
  • teaching the children arts & crafts, music, dance & drumming.
  • distribute mosquito nets to the children & poor communities. So far 700 mosquito nets have been given out & 500 more with an ultimate target of 4,000 nets countrywide.

All are welcome! The offering collected will go to the Forgiven Kids of Africa.

For more information about the concert, please contact our church office.

forgiven-kids-logoAn organisation in Uganda, East Africa, to take care of orphans & needy children. HELP AN ORPHAN & SAVE A LIFE. Every Child Deserves A Right To Have A Meal On His Table, A Coat On His Back & A Roof Over His Head.

Visit the Forgiven Kids of Africa website at :


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