From The Pastor’s Desk

After experiencing stringent restrictions for the first two months of MCO, things have eased a tad regarding freedom of movement, especially in this recovery MCO. The lessons that we learnt in March and April should not be forgotten, including the practice of wearing face masks while in contact with people, and thoroughly washing hands with soap and water.

Finally, churches and other religious places have received some great news. The government has allowed our churches to reopen for worship services, albeit following strict protocol (SOP). Several church members, especially the elderly, have told me how eager they are to come to back to church to worship God, and to put their tithes and offerings into the offering bag. The church (specifically the building or place where people congregate) has been the focal point for public worship. As much as we thank the Lord for 21st century technology that ensured online family worship in our homes since mid-March, we eagerly await to worship God together “in person”. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it certainly applies to me. Thus, we shall begin our church-based worship services in July, 2020. Online / virtual services will continue via the internet as some will not be able to come to church.

Last but not least, I wish all fathers, grandfathers and spiritual fathers a “Blessed Father’s Day”. I appreciate the leadership role that all fathers have shown, especially to their immediate family members. Let the kindness and goodness of God flow into your lives both now and in the times ahead. May our heavenly Father nurture you with all His teaching that is desperately needed to navigate these trying times in the year 2020.


Pastor Ashok

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