From The Pastor’s Desk


The first would be moving from the first half of 2020, and into the second half. Because of the pandemic of Covid-10, many people are willing to write off 2020 (not knowing when this menace will finally end, and the world will come back to some normality). For some, it is like a bad dream that must come to an end. For others, it means being realistic and finding a new line of work, even if it means eating humble pie.

The next transition will be on the church theme: Discipline Ourselves so as to Disciple Others. Then theme has been put on the back-burner since Rev Benny Ho’s inspirational messages on Mentoring & Discipleship the weekend (March 14 & 15, 2020) before MCO began in Malaysia. The Think Tank team recently met and are excited about reigniting the church theme in the midst of the people. On a personal note, I believe God has spoken personally to you over these last 3 months when we were locked down in our homes – reminding us that the most important relationship is our personal relationship with God.

The final transition will be opening the church doors again for worship service. Several people have expressed their sheer joy of coming back to their beloved church (building). Unfortunately, due to the lingering threat of Covid-19, the governmental authorities are setting very stringent conditions on how many people can attend one worship service, and setting age limits to prevent the very young and the very old to enter church (at least for the time being). God loves all of us and will never exclude us from God’s Kingdom based on age or any other factors – rest assured. Perhaps the one thing that the authorities are spot on is to highlight that the worship service is only meant for people to worship God and not to socialize after the church service is over.

Hence, we need to trust God to lead us patiently through these transitions and wait for better times ahead of us – especially the wiping out of Covid-19 from planet earth.

May God bless you.

Pastor Ashok

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