From The Pastor’s Desk

As I was preparing my sermon for this weekend, it dawned on me that the present Covid-19 pandemic is something in the present that has clouded our near future. I know of friends who have indefinitely postponed overseas trips due to the uncertainty of how Covid-19 will affect the world. When things seem settled, Covid-19 rears its ugly and menacing head only to cause lockdowns to happen. Weddings are postponed and several conferences have permanently changed to online ones rather than physical events.

The irony is that although Christ’s glorious Second Coming will certainly happen based on how God has faithfully fulfilled His prophecies in the Bible, many Christians do not take it seriously. Why do I say this? For the Apostle Paul, the Second Coming meant that our lowly bodies will be transformed to be like Christ’s glorious body, all missions work will cease because the citizens of heaven will finally have the Righteous and Just King to rule over us. This is real completion and the consummation of all things. All the above are meant to spur us to do the Kingdom work of God on earth which is to become mature disciples, and in turn disciple others unto maturity.

Hence, dear friends, our task is not over yet. Let us strive to fulfill the Great Commission.


Pastor Ashok


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