God, Master Artist And Creator Of All

As Creator of the Universe and all the beauty that is in it, God is the Master Artist. Unlike earthly artists, He has confidence in His creations and declares, “It is good.”

I know how meticulous artists can be about what they create. As an artist myself, I agonize over every stroke, line, and detail. Unlike God, as earthly artists, we lack confidence in our creations. We say, “This is not good. I’m going to hide it or throw it away.” When we do declare a piece “finished” or “good,” it is because we deem it complete. Every line, every curve, every bit of empty space, every stroke, every mark, every color within the piece is necessary and critical for its completion and acceptance to the artist-creator’s eye. Only when the placement and interaction of every element are just so can the artist declare the piece finished and good.

This is true of God’s perfect creation also. He formed the earth from nothing. He separated the heavens from the waters. He hung the stars in the sky. He made the wind and the air that we breathe. He made the trees that give us shade and fruit, the flowers that give us beauty and fragrance, the plants and the animals that sustain life, the vast oceans, and the majestic mountains. He even designed the elegant ecosystem to support His creation. He made all of it breathtaking in beauty and flawless in function. Many small parts make up this one Masterpiece: His whole creation. And He declared, “It is good.”

Amazingly… He made me. He placed me in His perfect creation. As part of God’s creation, that means God sees me (and you!) as a critical component of His masterpiece. Without me in it, God’s creation is incomplete and imperfect. Whoa. To think of myself as a vital and essential component of God’s perfect painting is mind-blowing.

Yet…I am flawed. I make mistakes. I sin.

But God accounted for that too. He made Jesus, the Ultimate Eraser of my sin and mistakes. When Jesus took my sin on Himself, He died and was resurrected, removing what you and I may think of as inky stains of sin marring God’s perfect creation. Jesus joined with humanity, took our dark stains into Himself, and left them in an empty tomb. Then He walked out in newness of life… and He invites us to join Him!

In fact, as strange as it may seem, God included our human flaws and mistakes as part of His plan. As He told the apostle Paul, “My power is made perfect in weakness.”

If you have not acknowledged Christ’s presence in your life, you may feel like an ink blot on God’s artistic Masterpiece. But the Good News is that you can acknowledge what Jesus did for you and ask God to erase your guilt through Christ Jesus’ giving His life for yours, and inviting Him to show you more of the hidden beauty and perfection of His Masterpiece.

You are not an ink blot in God’s design. You are perfectly loved and placed in the Masterpiece for His divine purpose. He’s inviting you to join with Him in the confidence He has in His creation: everything good, right, and beautiful. Won’t you join with Him? (SUE CHASTAIN)

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