Prayer List: October 18, 2020

Sunday, (Oct 18) – Pray that God will deliver us from a partial, lopsided view of Christ, and that we will see Him clearly, and know Him fully even as we are fully known by Him. Pray that the Lord will heal us from spiritual blindness, and open and enlighten the eyes of our hearts that we might clearly see the circumstances in our lives from His perspective. Pray that God will shine His light in every area of our lives that have been blinded and remove the spiritual darkness. Pray that we will take off the “dark glasses” of our human thinking that we might have clearer vision to see things that are happening in the world today as God sees them.

Monday, (Oct 19) – Pray for the Nation: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, has called on all parties, especially politicians, against sparking another political crisis at the time the nation is facing various problems caused by Covid-19. (Free Malaysia Today) Pray that all MPs and politicians will heed the royal call and put to an end the intense, unproductive and destructive politicking. Pray that they will choose to work together in a bipartisan effort to resolve the health and economic challenges in the nation instead of being obsessed with power.

Tuesday, (Oct 20) – Praise God that in spite of the spike of Covid-19 infections, and the conditional MCO imposed on targeted areas in certain areas in the red zones, the nation is better prepared to handle this crisis. Pray for wisdom upon the Ministry of Health and the government to work together to make appropriate and good decisions to ensure the safety of lives and the protection of livelihoods. Pray that God will grant all the healthcare frontliners physical, mental and emotional strength, and keep them and their family members healthy. Pray that the Lord will bring down the number of infections in Selangor, KL, Putrajaya, Taiping, and especially Sabah. Pray that the virus will be curbed and no new red zones nor new clusters will emerge.

Wednesday, (Oct 21) – Praise God that employers and employees in the Klang Valley are readjusting to the 2-week conditional MCO well because ot the experience they gained from the first round in March. Praise God that business and industrial sectors are allowed to operate, and pray that those involved will be vigilant and take stringent steps to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As schools are closed in the Klang Valley and other red zone areas, pray that the students will adapt well as they go back to online lessons. Pray also that the Ministry of Higher Education will give clear directives for higher learning institutions where the students are involved in international examinations.

Thursday, (Oct 22) – Praise God for the Raub hostel for OA students: Haknook Jenang (House of Love), that the 26 students are settling in well. Pray that the students are aware of, and appreciate the good purposes of the hostel, and will be motivated to study hard. Praise God for Swee Yin, the warden, and Han Leyek, the assistance warden who have both taken on this job as a mission field, and pray that God will grant them wisdom and grace as they undertake the spiritual growth of the students, Pray that the students will experience a real and deep encounter with Jesus. Pray that God will provide the hostel with a van driver who will also double up as a security guard and maintenance personnel.

Friday, (Oct 23) – Pray for TRAC: Recently, TRAC Executive Board made an unprecedented decision to make the 45th Session TRAC fully online on November 15, 2020. Pray that IT part will be settled as now each District in TRAC will have to set up hubs for official delegates to gather in. This is also dependent on whether CMCO becomes MCO. Pray that we will not go back to MCO, and that the IT connections will run smoothly, especially since there are important elections to be done.

Saturday, (Oct 24) – Pray for the World: In Thailand, thousands of people defied the government’s protest ban, and demonstrated against the government in Bangkok last week. Pray that God will give wisdom to the authorities to settle the problem peacefully. Pray also that God will keep the people safe as many of them were not wearing masks, nor practicing physical distancing during the demonstration.

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