Palm Sunday : What The Master Needs

God has given us many things: our talents, our resources, our time, our children, our jobs, our interests. They belong to Him. God has given them to us as a gift. They are ours to use, but He can ask for them back at any time.  At any time  He can request that what He has given be returned in some fashion. He can do this because He is the true owner; we are trustees.

The true believer knows that the value of what we have is multiplied when it is placed in the Lord’s hands. The man gave his donkey, even though it was valuable to him. But look at how much more valuable it became when placed in the hands of Jesus. His donkey was had a part in fulfilling prophecy. His donkey transported the Lord of All Creation. His donkey (and its owner) have been remembered for two thousand years because of their simple act. None of this would have been possible if the man had refused to give what He had.

What we have is never more valuable than when we place these things in the capable and strong hands of Jesus. So, here’s the question? What is God asking of you? How can you “invest” what He has given you? What does He want you to give? A talent, some time, some money, a willingness to obey? I can’t tell you. It may be simple, it may be great . . . but what we do know is that the true disciple gives what the Master asks for.

There were 2 groups of people that Sunday. There were the Enthusiastic. These people screamed ’Hosanna” on Sunday and at the end of the week, said nothing, or even, “Crucify Him”. These are the people who follow the crowd. They will sing the hymns, clap their hands, serve on boards and committees but never make a commitment to Jesus. They are going to go whichever way is popular, whichever way is the most fun or which “ministers to them most”. Their chief concern is not following Christ; it is being “where the action is.”

And then there were the Committed. These are the folks who trust Christ as Savior and as Lord. He is the Master of their lives. What He commands they will do. Where He sends, they will go. What He asks for, they will give.

So, which group are you in? You see, the issue this Palm Sunday is the same as the first Palm Sunday. Jesus declares Himself to be the long awaited King that will redeem those who trust Him. The declaration is the same . . . and so is the choice. Will you receive Him as King and Savior or will you simply stand on the sidelines? You see, it is really not about a man’s donkey . . . it is about a person’s heart.                             (PAT COOK)

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