Pink and Orange Valentine’s Day!

While most people think Valentine’s Day is exclusively for dating couples, it’s also an ESPECIALLY meaningful time for all married couples. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Marriage is the graveyard to romance”. I’m not sure how many people think this way, but to me, it’s not entirely true. Most people say that during the dating phase, couples tend to be more romantic with each other and after marriage, they tend to be less romantic, but bear in mind that romance can’t last forever on its own. It’s the responsibility of both parties to take care of each other that will keep married couples together forever.

Some people don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. They believe that every day should be Valentine’s Day – not only for couples, but also for families. Parents should not be afraid to express their love to their kids, because the love parents display to their kids will actually influence the way their children, especially teenagers view LOVE.

On the 13th Feb 2011, the youths planned a special event for all dating couples in Wesley Methodist Church, Klang. All couples were requested to wear pink or orange outfit to church, and the three best-dressed couples would receive a mysterious gift from the youths. This special event was simply just to make our church merrier on valentine’s day and to let the youths have a chance to bring joy to the adults.

The 3 best-dressed couples were the extraordinary. They made effort to wear their best, synchronized in pink or orange and they won the prizes! They are Mr and Mrs Johnny Lim, Mr and Mrs Koa, Mr and Mrs Ronnie Khoo! We are very happy to have planned such a meaningful and purposeful event. We really want to thank God for His guidance over this event.

Post & Photos : Charmaine Tan & Charis Tan

Third Prize winner : The beautiful couple of Ronnie & Irene Khoo

Second Prize winner : The bright & lovely Mr & Mrs Koa

First Prize winner : The totally PINK and in-love Johnny & Haw Yam

All the lovely and loving couples together

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  1. Leonard says:

    Wow .. .so pink pink … nice

  2. admin says:

    Don’t forget so orange-orange!

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