Prayer List: 10th – 11th Sept 2022

Sunday, (Sept 11)Remembering the Lord : Pray that we as a church will remember all that our Lord God had and will continue to do for us. Pray that our act of remembering will be accompanied with gratitude in our hearts for all that God have provided for us. Pray that we will respond to God’s love by observing His commands, walking in His ways and revering Him. Pray also that we will endeavor to teach our younger generation about God’s goodness and providence.

Monday, (Sept 12)Adult Bible Class – Prayer : an Adventure with God : Pray that these Bible Study classes will draw people into a deeper relationship with God. Pray that these lessons will teach us much about who God is and who we are in the Lord. Pray for our people to have a desire to want to learn and study God’s Word. Pray that our people will not neglect to feed on God’s Word daily for His Word is the lamp unto our feet.

Tuesday, (Sept 13) – The Health Ministry has announced that the use of face masks will no longer be mandatory in most indoor settings. Pray for God’s discernment on the premises owners and each individual to choose wisely for the sake of everyone’s safety, including their own. Pray for God’s protection upon elderly people, individuals with chronic diseases, pregnant women, and also children as they return to school this week after the holiday. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the Health Ministry as they will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and ensure the good health services and advices.

Wednesday, (Sept 14)Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s protection over the hearts and minds of the rakyat, that they will not be swayed by cheap political propaganda that causes division and disunity in the nation, in order to restore and rebuild our nation. Pray for economic recovery and for wise leaders to guide the country prudently in the face of global uncertainty. Pray for the gospel’s transformative work to rebuild the broken walls of education, national security, healthcare, social welfare, finance, and government.

Thursday, (Sept 15)Pray for the Methodist Women TRAC 47th session that will be held from September 16 until September 18th at Eastin Hotel. Pray for God’s protection to be upon all the speakers, facilitators and participants who gather from all over Malaysia. Pray for God’s presence be among them that this may be the time to encourage, support, and build each other up in the Lord.

Friday, (Sept 16)Malaysia Day of Prayer 2022 : Pray that God would unite His churches in prayer and praise to thank Him for protecting our nation and allowing us to navigate these unprecedented times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and global supply chain disruptions. Pray for our nation to have the full freedoms to be protected and accorded to all rakyat to enjoy religious freedoms, social, educational and economic equality, and fair play among all races, languages and religions. Pray for Malaysia as we stand in the gap today to repent our nation’s sin – the decadence of corruption, the mismanagement of the nation’s resources, racial polarisation and allowing the rich-poor divide to widen.

Saturday (Sept 10)TRAC: District Superintendents – Remember and commit to the Lord all our District Superintendents (Rev. Ronald Yap, Rev. Dr. Andrew Tan, Rev. Andrew Lim, Rev. Thomas Chin, Rev. Paul Christie, Rev. Wong Mun Wah). Pray for God’s wisdom to be upon them as they prepare to preside over all the Local Conferences under their respective districts. Pray that as they enter into this busy season of their work, may they find strength and joy from the Lord. Pray for God’s protection to be upon them and their respective families.

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