Prayer List: 12th – 13th Nov 2022

Sunday, (Nov 13) – Pray for all families represented in Klang Wesley. Pray for renewed relationships to be established within the family. Pray that respect, honor and love to be evident in each family. Pray for a strong relationship between children and parents. Pray that parents will be that safe place for children to go to during difficult times. Pray for fathers to step up to lead their respective families in worship. Pray for God to bestow wisdom upon all fathers in leading their families.

Monday, (Nov 14) – Commit to the Lord, the Sunday School Ministry. Pray for the good news of Jesus to be shared to all children. Pray that our children will have a personal encounter with the Lord and thus be able to make a personal commitment to follow Jesus. Pray for all Sunday School teachers to be strengthen and refreshed as they serve in the ministry. Pray that our teachers will be able to guide and mentor our little ones to follow Jesus. Pray for a good and robust relationship between the children and the Sunday School teachers.

Tuesday, (Nov 15) – Pray that all Malaysian churches, regardless of denomination, will stand united in pleading with God to raise righteous leaders of integrity with strong values who are noble, upright, incorruptible, and capable of being elected to both Parliamentary and State seats. Pray that the Lord will open the voters’ eyes to discern and see the lies and temptations of evil vote-buying schemes. Pray for the removal of spiritual strongholds that obstruct the Gospel’s work, as well as for national peace and harmony.

Wednesday, (Nov 16)Pray for the Nation: Pray for the election to be conducted with integrity and peacefully concluded from the planning, monitoring, polling, counting, and security on election day in order to form a righteous government in waiting. Pray for all registered voters, especially first-time voters, to choose the next government that will rule the country righteously and fairly. Pray for good weather on election day so that every voter can vote and be vigilant for another Covid outbreak.

Thursday, (Nov 17)TRAC – 47th Session TRAC would be held from Friday to Sunday, December 2nd – 4th, 2022 at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ. Commit to the Lord our Conference Bishop, Bishop Joshua Khong as he presides over the conference. Pray for the Lord’s guidance to be upon him as he delivers the Conference Bishop’s address with clarity. Pray for the Lord’s anointing to be upon him as he leads the entire Annual Conference. Pray for the Lord’s protection to be upon his family constantly as well. Pray also for the Local Planning Committee as they make the necessary changes due to the postponement of the conference. Pray that all delegates will be able to accommodate the new dates.

Friday, (Nov 18) – Pray for the safety in light of the recent heavy rains. Pray for God’s guidance so that Meteorological Department and local authorities will be able to provide a warning of impending severe rain and that it reaches everyone, especially those who live in low-lying areas. Pray for each individual to heed the warnings as well. Pray for God’s mercy that the rain will not be so intense that it causes a catastrophe. Pray in particular for favourable weather tomorrow so that the locations set aside for polling centres may be fully utilised for GE15.

Saturday (Nov 19)Prayer for the World: Pray for the World. Since last week, world leaders have gathered in Egypt for the COP27 to address the crisis of climate change and other issues. Pray for God’s discernment upon the leaders to bring forth and agree with the pledges for the improvement. As the certain regions of the world have endured heavy rain and floods, heatwaves, draughts, or storms that have devastated lives of people and livelihoods, pray for the courage that the leaders would genuinely take actions on the pledges they have made to improve the climate change. Pray that each country will also commit to reduce pollution emissions, and that wealthier countries would help other countries who are suffering from climate effects.

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