Prayer List: 13 – 14 November, 2021

Sunday, (Nov 14) – Pray that Wesley Methodist Church, Klang will learn to overcome struggles and battles by putting on the full armor of God by prayer. Pray that each one of us will not depend on our own strength but will truly believe in the strength that comes from the Lord. Pray that we as a church will stand and remain strong in the Lord no matter what challenges come our way. Pray that we will not neglect our time with God, for it is by sitting at the feet of God that we regain our strength.

Monday, (Nov 15) – Pray for the well-being of pastors, ministry and administrative workers in churches as they are vulnerable to being infected by the coronavirus due to the nature of their calling and ministry. Pray for church members and leaders to also be wise, taking every necessary precaution and measure to reduce exposure to infection as in-person worship services are restored. Pray that God will keep us all stay safe and healthy as we take responsibility to follow all SOPs, and also for the grace of living with the COVID-19 virus. Pray that the Lord will protect and preserve those who serve more in the “front-lines”, e.g. conducting wakes and funeral services, weddings, ministering to the bereaved and lonely, etc.

Tuesday, (Nov 16) – The number of daily COVID-19 cases seems to be rising again, and the infectivity rate (R-naught) has begun to climb again, which indicates the possibility of a new COVID-19 wave if this continues. The lifting of restrictions on interstate and international travel has seen an increase in the average COVID-19 cases over the past week. The clusters mainly come from the workplace, gatherings, re-opening of schools and high-risk groups, such as those living in nursing homes. Pray that the public will continue to be vigilant and follow all the SOPs. Pray for divine wisdom for the government and health authorities to make the right decisions to bring the pandemic under control.

Wednesday, (Nov 17)Pray for the Nation: Pray against the destructive spirit of racism, systemic apathy, entitlement, mediocrity and exploitation in the nation that is destroying the entire governance system and many key public institutions, while diminishing the productivity of the nation leading to a brain drain. Pray that there will be a return to wisdom and excellence, meritocracy, and prosperity for all the people and public institutions in the nation. Pray for those facing intimidation and harassment in fighting and speaking against corruption and injustice that God will grant them courage and protection.

Thursday, (Nov 18) – Every 3 in 10 adults aged 16 years and above in Malaysia suffer from some form of mental health issues. Pray for people who are experiencing overwhelming emotional distress and life’s pressures that can lead them to self-harm. Pray for supportive and compassionate friends and family to surround those who are trying to cope with their mental health issues that have been aggravated by the pandemic. Pray too for the health authorities to intervene, address and remove the strong social stigma and discrimination towards mental illness that has caused sufferers to delay treatment.

Friday, (Nov 19) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Bishop Joshua Khong (TRAC Bishop) and Mr Yap Koon Roy (Conference Secretary). Both are in their first year of holding these important positions in TRAC. The 46th Session TRAC will be held online tomorrow, 20th November 2021. Pray that they will lean upon God’s strength always. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon them. Pray that they will diligently serve God and the people. Pray for a spirit of unity to prevail throughout the conference, and that all the conference delegates will be sensitive to the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit. Pray that everything will run smoothly and that there will be a good, strong and stable internet connection throughout the conference.

Saturday, (Nov 20)Pray for the World: Pray for Christians in Pakistan who are facing the most extreme persecution. Pray for the evil forces of darkness to be pushed back. Pray for all the churches in the nation to be protected from terrorist attacks. Pray that the Gospel will flourish even under the harsh conditions, and that the believers will have the courage and wisdom to know when and how to share their faith. Pray for protection over the women and girls from abduction and forced marriages. Pray that the believers will find peace and comfort in the Lord, and be able to live for Christ under these difficult circumstances.

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