Prayer List: 14th – 15th Jan 2023

Sunday, (Jan 15) – Give thanks to the Lord for He has brought us together as a church. Pray that Klang Wesley will endeavor to be the salt and light wherever God has sends us to be. Pray that our presence in the community we live and work to be of a positive influence. Pray that our actions will promote good to the people around us. Pray that our presence will point people to Christ who is our ultimate source of hope and grace.

Monday, (Jan 16) – Pray for all those who would be travelling this festive season of the Lunar New Year. Pray for safety in all aspects. Pray that this festive season to be an opportunity for family to re-connect with one another. Pray that in the midst of this festive season, we may not forget the goodness that God has poured upon our families. Pray for relationships within the family to be strengthen and pray that this festive season will be an opportunity for reconciliation to happen within the family.

Tuesday, (Jan 17) – Pray for the Super Seniors’ Cell Group Meeting that will be held tomorrow at church. Pray for God’s protection upon those who travel to church and for the favourable weather. May God fill each participant with the joy and hope that we have in our Lord Jesus and may His name be exalted, as He minister to their hearts with His presence and Word, through the songs of worship, breaking of bread together, and the fellowship over lunch.

Wednesday, (Jan 18) – Pray for the Nation : In light of the recent Chief Justice condemns attempts to intimidate the judiciary by criticizing unpopular decisions, please pray this week for our judicial independence from any political influence or interference. Pray for Minister of Law and Institutional reform, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said and Deputy, Ramkarpal Singh, to work towards law reforms that will restore the independence of the judiciary and the administration of justice. Pray for all critical institutional reforms to be made urgently.

Thursday, (Jan 19) – TRAC – Board of Christian Education – Pray and commit to the Lord the upcoming Webinar on Salvation: Saved for Good?. Pray for the speaker, Bishop Dr. Gordon Wong as he prepares to speak on this important topic of our faith. Pray for good participation from the churches in TRAC. Pray for a sense of openness and eagerness to learn in the hearts of our people as they register for this webinar. Pray also for the webinar to be carried out smoothly with minimum hindrances and hiccups.

Friday, (Jan 20) – Give thanks and bless the Lord for always teaching us the way of faith, for enabling us to cast our guilty souls upon the Divine propitiation, made in Christ Jesus, for peace, which has flowed into our spirit like a river ever since. Pray if our faith has been marred, or our hope is not as bright as it once was, or our love for Him is not as fervent as it once was, or if the soul is sinking under the pressure of the fight in any way, O merciful Lord, whose every word is music, whose every promise is balm, whose every touch is life, draw near to us now, refresh us, that we may rise again to the conflict, and never tire until the last enemy shall be beneath our Master’s feet. Pray that the Lord will restore our first love so that we can honor the Lord above all else, and that the church’s dividing walls will be removed.

Saturday (Jan 21) – Pray for brothers and sisters, family and friends who celebrate the New Year tomorrow. Pray that God is the centre of their celebration, for He is the faithful provider of all good things, and His name be praised among the people around them, too. Uphold in prayers that God’s presence and grace be with those who are unwell, those who are grieving, and those who are far from their homes and loved ones. Continue to pray for God’s healing upon China so that covid cases can be quickly brought under control and they can begin the new year without much anxiety or fear.

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