Prayer List: 17th – 18th Sept 2022

Sunday, (Sept 18) – Surrendering to God : Teach us dear Lord to be like Isaac and Rebekah who surrendered their predicament to You. Teach us to be like Isaac in praying persistently for You to answer according to Your timing and will. Teach us to be like Rebekah in seeking you in the midst of confusion and perplexity. Teach us to be like Isaac and Rebekah to trust in Your sovereignty.

Monday, (Sept 19)Adult Bible Class – Prayer: an Adventure with God: Pray that these Bible Study classes will draw people into a deeper relationship with God. Pray that these lessons will teach us much about who God is and who we are in the Lord. Pray for our people to have a desire to want to learn and study God’s Word. Pray that our people will not neglect to feed on God’s Word daily for His Word is the lamp unto our feet.

Tuesday, (Sept 20) – Continue to pray for the sick in our midst; their families, friends, and colleagues, that they will experience the Lord’s healing hand and strength in facing their trials, as well as grace to fully restore them, particularly those suffering from long Covid symptoms. Pray for the caregivers who are caring for patients who are suffering from physical and mental illnesses. Pray for God’s wisdom, strength, and joy for pastors, church leaders, and church workers in their pastoral care and love to the sheep.

Wednesday, (Sept 21)Pray for the Nation: Pray for a fair and equitable distribution of Budget 2023 that continues to prioritise the rakyat’s well-being agenda, particularly post-covid19 economic recovery in terms of income and social protection. Pray for peace and order to reign over the country in the run-up to the elections, on the Election Day and post-elections. Pray for God’s intervention to protect the country from corrupted politicians bent on malice and instilling fear from returning to power.

Thursday, (Sept 22)TRAC: District Superintendents – Remember and commit to the Lord all our District Superintendents (Rev. Ronald Yap, Rev. Dr. Andrew Tan, Rev. Andrew Lim, Rev. Thomas Chin, Rev. Paul Christie, Rev. Wong Mun Wah). Pray for God’s wisdom to be upon them as they prepare to preside over all the Local Conferences under their respective districts. Pray that as they enter into this busy season of their work, may they find strength and joy from the Lord. Pray for God’s protection to be upon them and their respective families.

Friday, (Sept 23) – Pray for the people in Kampung Iboi in Baling, Kedah, which has been hit by flood three times this year – two in July and one on Sept 6. Pray for God’s comfort and provision as the residents are saddened by their loss and aggravated by the frequent floods. Pray for God’s wisdom to be upon the authorities that they will conduct the thorough investigations into the cause of the floods and expedite the mitigation projects.

Saturday (Sept 24)Pray for Myanmar. Pray for God’s intervention to stop oppression and violence in the country and for His peace and justice to reign. Pray that God will open ways for each individual to access essential needs despite food shortages and the rise of commodity. Pray that all racial and ethnic groups will be able to live with freedom and dignity, adequate food, health care and education, and without abuse.

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