Prayer List: 20th – 21st Aug 2022

Sunday, (Aug 21) – Thank you, Lord, for giving us Your assurance and eternity defining truth in Your Word. Pray unceasingly that many of our unsaved friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and people we encounter in our midst, would choose to trust Jesus for their salvation. Pray that God will use us as His instrument today, to share the good news of the glorious gospel of Christ, in action, attitude, and prayer, so that others may come to a saving knowledge of this eternally wonderful truth.

Monday, (Aug 22) – Pray that the church as a Spiritual community continues to be anchored on Christ and His Word, following His teaching and His value, through which we pursue a new way of life as Christ’s disciples, engaging with social and cultural issues so that Christ’s light shine through communities and nation. Pray that our theology, doctrines, faith system, and identity as religion are guarded and preserved from generation to generation. Pray for the church to become a redemptive community where we care for one another, being sensitive to the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit in our deeds and conversation with others.

Tuesday, (Aug 23) – Pray for small and medium-sized businesses to find ways to continue operating and serving their communities amid economic and social crises. Pray for the elderly in our communities, who represent a people’s roots and memory; may their experience and wisdom assist the younger generation in looking forward with hope and responsibility. Pray for healthcare workers and caregivers who serve the sick and elderly, especially in the poorest countries; may governments and local communities adequately support them.

Wednesday, (Aug 24)Pray for the Nation: Pray for more training, exposure, and talent exchange opportunities for Malaysian educators so that competent leaders can be developed to lead the growth and expansion of our education sector. Pray for an equitable system in the education ministry (despite the 10% quota) for providing appropriate placements to non-Bumiputera students in matriculation colleges. Pray against the rise in juvenile crime, as well as for proper counseling and follow-up initiatives for those who have committed crimes, so that they do not repeat their habitual crimes.

Thursday, (Aug 25)TRAC: Pray for Rev Dr. T. Jeyakumar (Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia), Rev. Joshua Khong (TRAC Bishop), and all the pastors under TRAC, as they take care of their congregations during this endemic as well as to prepare towards District Conferences in October and 47th session TRAC in November. Pray that God will protect them and their family from the devil’s schemes physically and spiritually. As they minister to various groups of people daily, pray that God will grant them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that they may know Him better, and that He will also empower them with His wisdom and Word.

Friday, (Aug 26) – Pray for God’s protection to be upon migrant workers and refugees. Pray that they are treated humanely and with dignity. Pray against any mistreatment or human tracking. Pray that God will continue to utilize the authorities, non-profit organizations, and churches to assist them so that they may access their daily needs, such as safe places to stay, food, medicine, employment, education, and the like, and their human rights are protected. Pray for God’s favor to be upon them in communication, especially when they need to speak up for their rights and needs in society, and their voices may be heard. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work among them so that they could encounter our Lord Jesus while they are in Malaysia

Saturday (Aug 27)Pray for the World: Pray for the churches around the world to be the responsible stewards in sharing the abundant provisions God has richly blessed the church to those who suffer at the margins of society, the poor, disabled, the elderly and the pandemically sick. Pray for comfort, hope, and practical aid for everyone affected by natural disasters ranging from bushfires (in Spain and Portugal) and plagues (China, Congo) to floods and devastating mudslides that destroy homes and livelihoods.

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