Prayer List: 20 – 21 November. 2021

Sunday, (Nov 21) – Pray that our hearts will become truly free because God has delivered us from all bondage to our own natures and to the world around us. Pray that as free people, the Lord will deliver us through distress, fear and want, through need and death. Pray that we will become joyful, strong and secure children of God who are not discouraged by trials and tribulations, but who fight courageously for His Kingdom until it is revealed to all the world. Pray that God will grant us perseverance and persistence to be all He has created us to be, that He will teach us more of His truth as we choose daily to live in obedience to His Word and His will.

Monday, (Nov 22) – The health DG has advised the public to practise vigilance in observing the COVID-19 health protocols as the R naught, the national infectivity rate, rose over 1.0, warning that another coronavirus wave could break out. Selangor is gearing up for a possible surge in COVID-19 cases as its hospitals have recorded an increase in admissions. Pray that the public will heed the health DG’s warning and will take personal responsibility to strictly follow all the SOPs. Pray also that the health experts and health authorities will be able to give clear, accurate and proper information to the public regarding the need for a third COVID-19 booster shot as a lack of clear information and communication are the main reasons for COVID-19 booster hesitancy among the public.

Tuesday, (Nov 23) – Pray for the pastors that have been abducted – Raymond Koh in 2017, and Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth Sitepu in 2016 – that they may be found, and that justice will prevail. Pray also for the Malay activist, Amri Che Mat who was abducted in 2016 that he too may be found and released. Pray for comfort, perseverance, strength and hope for their families, as they continue to seek to find out the truth. Pray for their legal teams to be resilient and wise, and to continue with perseverance to pursue justice for these families.

Wednesday, (Nov 24)Pray for the Nation: Pray against the destructive spirit of racism, systemic apathy, entitlement, mediocrity and exploitation in the nation that is destroying the entire governance system and many key public institutions, while diminishing the productivity of the nation leading to a brain drain. Pray that there will be a return to wisdom and excellence, meritocracy, and prosperity for all the people and public institutions in the nation. Pray for those facing intimidation and harassment in fighting and speaking against corruption and injustice that God will grant them courage and protection.

Thursday, (Nov 25) – Methodist Women (MW) Annual General Meeting – Commit to the Lord the upcoming AGM of the Methodist Women of Klang Wesley that would be held on Saturday, 27th November, 2021 via zoom. Pray that the elections will be carried out smoothly and that God will raise more leaders to carry out the ministry of MW. We praise God for many lives the MW ministry has blessed and we continue to pray for God’s leading in MW. Pray that MW will be able to discern the specific areas of ministry that they should focus upon.

Friday, (Nov 26)Pray for TRAC: We praise God for the smooth running of the 46th Session TRAC. We rejoice for all that God is doing through the TRAC Churches. Continue to pray for all TRAC Churches to be united in living out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Pray for all TRAC Churches as we prepare to celebrate the Advent season. Pray that we would make room in our hearts once again to welcome the King of kings and the Lord of Lords.

Saturday, (Nov 27)Pray for the World: Christians in China are facing a rapidly deteriorating situation as new restrictions on the internet, social media and religion are being applied to limit freedom. Online sales of Bibles and even Bible apps are being restricted. Pray for church leaders to exercise wisdom and discernment and also to endure as they lead their congregations in the light of oppressive surveillance. Pray for strength as the Church in China undergoes the fires of refining, that they will be empowered in their witness and fruitful in their ministry. Pray that God will protect His Church from harm.

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