Prayer List: 24th – 25th Sept 2022

Sunday, (Sept 25) – Give thanks to God for sending Jesus to the cross so that we may be reconciled back to Him. As we are all reconciled back to God, pray that God will give us the courage and strength to reconcile with those whom we have hurt. Pray also for God’s sufficient grace so that we may also extend forgiveness to those who have hurt us. Pray that we as a church will desire to be reconciled with God and with one another. Pray that we may look to Jesus who is our perfect example of what it means to forgive one another.

Monday, (Sept 26)Adult Bible Class – Prayer: an Adventure with God: Pray that these Bible Study classes will draw people into a deeper relationship with God. Pray that these lessons will teach us much about who God is and who we are in the Lord. Pray for our people to have a desire to want to learn and study God’s Word. Pray that our people will not neglect to feed on God’s Word daily for His Word is the lamp unto our feet.

Tuesday, (Sept 27) – Pray for Christian parents to continue to foster good relationships and love for their children, as well as to teach and pass down their faith in Christ, so that a life lived fully for Christ shapes their children’s values and beliefs for eternity. Pray for the strong building of family altars in Christian homes so that Christ can truly be the Center and Head of their families. Pray that Christian parents instill the importance of discipleship at home, as well as reading and obeying God’s word, in their children’s spiritual walk with Christ.

Wednesday, (Sept 28) – Pray for God’s protection upon Joshua & Joanna as they fly for Hawaii today. Thanks and praises be to God for His faithfulness and guidance upon them in the past several months during their study and outreach trip. Pray that God will continue to lead and equip them with His provision that He will use them for the works that He has prepared for His glory. Pray that Joshua & Joanna’s relationship with God will grow deeper both individually and as a couple, as they faithfully walk with Him in their obedience to God.

Thursday, (Sept 29)Seek & Soak Night: Commit to the Lord this night of worship. Pray that as our people come together, they may be immersed by the presence of God. Pray that we will be able to draw near to God through worship. Pray that songs that we sing will minister to our hearts and speak of God’s love, grace, mercy and kindness in our lives. Pray that as we come together in worship as a community of God’s people, our presence will be able to encourage others.

Friday, (Sept 30)Pray for the Nation: Pray for the country’s upcoming GE15, that God will raise leaders with visionary goals, justice, and fairness in serving the country with no self-interest but a focus on the welfare of the rakyat. Pray for God-fearing leaders who will be responsible for rebuilding the nation by raising a younger generation of visionary, just, and fair leaders. Pray for a high voter turnout to vote for change for the betterment of the country’s future.

Saturday (Oct 1)Pray for the UK: As Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was over last week, pray for her eternal peace in the arms of our Lord Jesus as well as for the continued comfort and strength of God be upon the royal family and everyone in the UK. Pray for God’s blessings be upon the the new king Charles III that he will serve Almighty God, our Lord Jesus faithfully and seek His wisdom and guidance as he serves the nation and its people as a king. Pray for the harmony and peace throughout the royal family and throughout the country.

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