Prayer List: 26th – 27th Nov 2022

Sunday, (Nov 27) – Jesus speaks about the importance of being ready for His coming again. Pray that we will do all that we can to be ready for the coming again of Jesus. Pray that each one of us will be certain of our salvation that comes to us through Jesus. Pray that we will live our lives in the ways of God while we await Jesus’ second coming. Pray that our relationship with God and with one another to be right while we await His coming again. Pray that we will never be caught off-guard or unprepared when the day comes.

Monday, (Nov 28) – Pray for all Cell Groups in Klang Wesley. Pray that these Cell Groups will indeed be a place whereby our members could journey with one another through the various challenges we face in life. Pray for God’s strength and anointing to be upon all CG Leaders as they continue to serve in this ministry. Pray for the joy of the Lord to be their strength at all times. Pray that God would surround our CG Leaders with people who may spur them on in their personal walk with God.

Tuesday, (Nov 29) – Pray as the churches in Malaysia to stand in unity to pray for Anwar Ibrahim, the newly elected Prime Minister of Malaysia, as he humbles himself to seek God’s wisdom, understanding, and strength in carrying out the people’s mandate to rule with fairness, equity, and integrity. Pray for the newly elected cabinet ministers of calibre, and who put righteousness, the rakyat, and the nation first in running and restoring the country’s economy, political stability with strong governance, and transparency in addressing social and economic issues. Pray for the re-emergence of a truly New Malaysia comprised of rakyat of various races, religions, faiths, and belief systems who truly embrace unity, harmony, and patriotism while living as true Malaysians, with no divisions in any way.

Wednesday, (Nov 30)Pray for the Nation: Thanksgiving to our gracious and merciful God, who has answered the nation’s prayer by electing the nation’s 10th prime minister, thereby ending the political impasse. Pray for peace and harmony in our country, and for opposition hearts to be opened to accept the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s decision to work together to build a stronger nation for the sake of the country and the people. Pray for New Malaysia to emerge stronger in the establishment of the new government’s righteous, equitable, integrity, and transparency ruling, putting the welfare of the people and the nation first.

Thursday, (Dec 1)TRAC – 47th Session TRAC would be held from Friday to Sunday, December 2 – 4, 2022 at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ. Commit to the Lord our Conference Bishop, Bishop Joshua Khong as he presides over the conference. Pray for the Lord’s guidance to be upon him as he delivers the Conference Bishop’s address with clarity. Pray for the Lord’s anointing to be upon him as he leads the entire Annual Conference. Pray for the Lord’s protection to be upon his family constantly as well. Pray also for the Local Planning Committee as they make the necessary changes due to the postponement of the conference. Pray that all delegates will be able to accommodate the new dates. Pray for all the recording secretaries assigned for the conference, that God would enable them to be alert and sharp throughout the conference.

Friday, (Dec 2) – Pray for the continuous peace and order to be maintained in the nation. Pray against any evil schemes to undermine the unity and harmony. Pray that despite difference in opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and traditions, everyone will work to understand and respect one another in order to foster relationships in the community rather than tearing them apart, for the good of the whole nation.

Saturday (Dec 3)Prayer for the World: Pray for Indonesia in light of last week’s 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Cianjur region in West Java. Pray for God’s comfort to be upon the victims. Pray that there will not be any additional aftershocks or landslides so that rescue efforts and humanitarian relief can move forward. Pray for China as there was a surge in covid cases last week across the country. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the authorities to prevent the spread. Pray for God’s healing and comfort to be upon those who are unwell and in quarantine.

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