Prayer List: 27th – 28th Aug 2022

Sunday, (Aug 28) – Pray that the Lord will open our understanding to grasp, believe, and at on this simple yet profound truth that He is the life. Pray that Christ’s comfort words of assurance and comfort He is the life will bring comfort to our hearts, healing to our souls, and live in our spirit. Pray that Christ will give us the wisdom, words, and grace to bring comfort to others who are going through difficult times.

Monday, (Aug 29) – Pray that the church as a Spiritual community continues to be anchored on Christ and His Word, following His teaching and His value, through which we pursue a new way of life as Christ’s disciples, engaging with social and cultural issues so that Christ’s light shine through communities and nation. Pray that our theology, doctrines, faith system, and identity as religion are guarded and preserved from generation to generation. Pray for the church to become a redemptive community where we care for one another, being sensitive to the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit in our deeds and conversation with others.

Tuesday, (Aug 30) – Pray for our Prime Minister to prioritize our country’s recovery on all fronts with integrity, accountability, and transparency, without fear or favor, in restoring the country to its former glory. Pray for evenness and tranquility of spirit in all changes of the world, that we may not grumble in adversity or grow proud in prosperity, but surrender our souls to God’s divine will through Christ in serene faith. Pray for every soul on earth to embrace Christ that his selflessness is reflected in our lives and we can be His good ambassadors of love on earth, removing hypocrisy and prejudice from our hearts.

Wednesday, (Aug 31)Pray for the Nation: Continue to pray for the protection of our judicial system, free of any interference or political pressure, so that justice can be served in other long-running cases. We thank God for protecting our Chief Justice and Federal Court judges as they carry out their judicial duties with justice and fairness, preserving the judiciary’s integrity and independence, which must never be compromised under any circumstances. In commemorating Merdeka Day, thank God as a nation for the peace and harmony we strive for in a variety of ways, despite challenges and obstacles.

Thursday, (Sep 1)TRAC: The TRAC Joint Board meeting will be held on Sep.10 (Sat.) at Trinity Methodist Church in PJ, where all the board members of the various boards in TRAC meet to report on their ministries, discuss and plan for the future. Pray for God’s protection both at the meeting and on their journey. Pray for His wisdom and guidance, and a spirit of harmony and unity among them.

Friday, (Sep 2) – Pray for God’s protection of the elderly members in our church. Pray that He will keep them safe from all danger, particularly from falling and hurting themselves. Pray that God will nourish them both physically and spiritually, providing strength, comfort, hope, and joy through His Word and daily meals. Pray also for the unwell members. Pray that God will hear their cries in their discomfort, pains, and agony, and bring comfort and healing to them. Pray also for families and caregivers that God will keep them strong in the richness of His grace as they continue to care for their loved ones with respect and compassion.

Saturday (Sep 3)Pray for the World: LORD, You alone are the LORD, the God who created the heavens and the earth, and everything in them, and saw them good. Forgive us, human beings, for our transgressions, our disobedience, and our ignorance of You, for our failure to take care of the creatures You beautifully made and entrusted to us. May You renew our hearts to desire You and Your righteous way. We bring before You the afflictions that the world is experiencing as a result of its sins; wars, natural disasters, oppressions, exploitation, and injustice that cause harm to numerous people as well as Your entire creation. We pray for Your mercy and forgiveness that we will turn from our sins and submit to You. May we approach Your guidance with a humble and teachable heart, and with thankfulness for Your forgiveness and faithfulness. We pray for Your healing, restoration, and peace by Your grace. All glory to the LORD.

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