Prayer List: 28th – 29th Jan 2023

Sunday, (Jan 29) – Pray that God will help us as a church to be still and know that He is God in our lives. Pray that through the Holy Spirit, our love for God and our desire for His Word may increase. Pray that God will begin to bring about a revival beginning with our own lives and moving it across our church. Pray that God will enable us to move beyond the post-pandemic tendencies, that we may begin to involve ourselves in God’s kingdom work.

Monday, (Jan 30) – Adult Bible Study Class – The classes on Prayer: An Adventure with God will commence on the 5th February. Pray that these last 4 sessions to be that which is meaningful and helpful for all who will be attending. Pray for good participation. Pray that through these sessions, we may come to know the nature and character of God more deeply. Pray that conversations during these classes would be edifying and that it may spur one another on towards responding to God well.

Tuesday, (Jan 31) – Pray for Malaysian churches to put aside their differences and pain from the past in order to find common ground in realising the unity government’s reform in rebuilding the nation on righteousness, restoring prosperity, and maintaining peace. Pray for churches to rise up to be a living representation of Jesus in these difficult times. Pray for churches to be empowered and strong in God’s Word and prayer, and to know their purpose in every season.

Wednesday, (Feb 1) – Pray for the Nation : Pray for a reduction in the nation’s hardcore poverty rate as a result of the pandemic, and for policymakers to be more intentional and efficient in addressing issues affecting the poor and providing them with skills and opportunities to be self-sufficient. Pray for marriages to be strengthened and for parents to find quality time and space to invest in their children’s emotional and spiritual growth in the face of economic and societal pressures on families and an increase in single-parent households. Pray for a quick resolution to assist the flood victims affected by the flash floods in Johor, Melaka, Pahang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Sarawak and Sabah.

Thursday, (Feb 2) – TRAC Board of Christian Education – Pray and commit to the Lord the upcoming Webinar on Salvation: Saved for Good?. Pray for the speaker, Bishop Dr. Gordon Wong as he prepares to speak on this important topic of our faith. Pray for good participation from the churches in TRAC. Pray for a sense of openness and eagerness to learn in the hearts of our people as they register for this webinar. Pray also for the webinar to be carried out smoothly with minimum hindrances and hiccups.

Friday, (Feb 3) – Pray that God in His grace may grant us opportunity throughout this festive season of Lunar New Year to reconnect with persons we have known for a long time but who have not yet come to have faith in our Lord Jesus. “The harvest is plentiful” as the Lord says, may His Spirit open our eyes to see the people around us who need the Lord with spiritual thirst so that we may share His love and goodness through our words and deeds. May we continue to remember them and intercede for them.

Saturday (Feb 4) – Pray for Peru, which has been going through a political protest crisis. Pray for God’s intervention upon the situation so that there will not be any more violence and that both people’s lives and property are protected. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the authorities to reach a peaceful agreement. Pray that any interrupted distribution of daily necessities will be restored quickly so that everyone, especially in the poorer areas, will be able to access to sufficient of their daily needs.

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