Prayer List: 29th – 30th Oct 2022

Sunday, (Oct 30) – Pray that we as a church will not harden our hearts when we hear God’s call. Pray that as we respond to God’s love for ourselves, we will have a desire to want to share the love that we have experienced and continue to experience to those who have yet to know or taste the love of God. Pray for a willingness in each of our hearts to want to reach out to those who are lost in our community, nation and ultimately in the other parts of the world. Pray for an eagerness in each one of us in answering God’s missional call to the church.

Monday, (Oct 31) – Pray for all missions work that Klang Wesley is engaged in. Pray for the OA ministry that is being carried out in various places. Pray for God’s strength to be with all those who are serving in this ministry. Pray for an extra portion of strength and anointing to be upon them as they continue to serve the OA people with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Pray that those who serve in this ministry would persevere through hurdles and obstacles that they face.

Tuesday, (Nov 1) – Pray for Malaysian churches to cultivate the necessity of praying together urgently, in a united spirit in demonstrating the unity of praying together regardless of denomination, and in boldness in proclaiming the gospel (Acts 4). Pray for family and marriage because we believe that a healthy family unit provides a basic social environment in which responsible teachings can be imparted, moral values spread, and love is shared and each person’s worth is affirmed. Pray for the Mega Orang Asli Children Home as the church’s journey of love and companionship to improve the Orang Asli situation by providing them with the knowledge and skills to be self-sufficient through a good education and promoting the importance of education is a long and challenging one.

Wednesday, (Nov 2)Pray for the Nation: Pray for unity among all races and religious beliefs in the coming GE15 so that no sensitive remarks or unfriendly behaviors or characters disrupt the flow of every campaign being carried out across the country. Pray that the rakyat will unite in their opposition to all corrupted politicians seeking to win this election, and that God will deliver our country from corrupted leadership. Pray that the Lord will open the eyes of the voters to see the lies of the evil politicians and their schemes, and that any deceptions to the voters to mislead them will be thwarted, their lies exposed, and they will fail in any way.

Thursday, (Nov 3)TRAC – 47th Session TRAC would be held from Friday to Sunday, December 2nd – 4th, 2022 at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ. Commit to the Lord our Conference Bishop, Bishop Joshua Khong as he presides over the conference. Pray for the Lord’s guidance to be upon him as he delivers the Conference Bishop’s address with clarity. Pray for the Lord’s anointing to be upon him as he leads the entire Annual Conference. Pray for the Lord’s protection to be upon his family constantly as well. Pray also for the Local Planning Committee as they make the necessary changes due to the postponement of the conference. Pray that all delegates will be able to accommodate the new dates.

Friday, (Nov 4) – Pray for the crisis and relief agencies both in the federal state and local district level to be ready to make the necessary preparation and precaution in the face of floods to help the flood victims in needs. Pray for mental health caregivers and medical professionals who work to provide compassion, treatment, and healing to people suffering from brain diseases or mental illness. Pray for the refugees and migrant workers among us that their working conditions will be good and fair, and that their employers will not exploit them.

Saturday (Nov 5)Prayer for the World: Pray for a plethora of opportunities for the gospel to spread among the Nepali and Pakistani communities in Malaysia, drawing them to surrender to the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ work on the cross. Pray for churches locally and globally to not close their eyes to mission fields at their doorstep in the unengaged unreached people group (UUPG), but to be open to reaching out in social concern and showing God’s love to them. Pray for global climate change and chaos ahead, disasters caused by climate change, and loss of life due to climate sensitivity, so that we can live our daily lives responsibly and prevent further deterioration of the climate change.

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