Prayer List: 4 – 5 December, 2021

Sunday, (Dec 5) – Thank God for the gift of Jesus, who came to be the Prince of Peace in our world, that regardless of our circumstances or situations, He offers us peace that surpasses understanding. Pray that we will choose to trust in the truth of His powerful love that enables us to rest in the perfect peace He offers. Pray that God will transform us into instruments of His peace, so we will respond to His call to be peacemakers where He has placed us. Pray that during this Advent season, we will make an effort to break through the barriers that divide us, to strengthen the bonds of mutual love, to learn to understand one another, to pardon those who have done us wrong, and show the peace of Jesus to one another.

Monday, (Dec 6)Pray for the World: The world is unsure on how to deal with the latest COVID-19 variant as there is not enough data yet on how transmissible and virulent Omicron is, or how effective vaccines are against it. Although preliminary evidence indicates that Omicron will only lead to mild symptoms among most people who contract it, pray that the Coronavirus experts around the world will be able to quickly determine the virulence of this variant. Pray for God’s mercy that the new Omicron variant will not be more lethal than the Delta variant that has caused much havoc in the world.

Tuesday, (Dec 7)Pray for the Nation: Pray for divine wisdom and insight for the government to make the right and effective decisions to protect the rakyat in the light of the new COVID-19 variant so that the nation will not be faced with another wave of COVID-19 cases, while at the same time ensuring that the economic situation in the country will not deteriorate further. Pray that the public will cooperate with the government and adhere to the public health interventions (masks, distancing, hygiene) and to take booster vaccine shots even if the Omicron variant proves to be less virulent than the Delta variant.

Wednesday, (Dec 8) – Pray that we will be wise and prepare ourselves to be ready for the second coming of Christ. As no one knows the day or the hour when He will come, pray that God will help us to be ever alert, to watch and pray. Pray that the Lord will refine our souls, renew our minds, reveal our faults to prepare us for His coming. Pray that we will be ready to do His will, ready to live for others, ready to love the people around us, ready to work for Him and ready to witness to those who do not know Him. Pray that we will trust in God’s grace and love such that we can look to the future with confidence when we see Christ face to face.

Thursday, (Dec 9) – Pray for the upcoming Virtual Kids Holiday Camp that will be held from the 16th to the 18th of December, 2021. Pray for God’s leading hand to be upon all Sunday School teachers as they prepare for this camp. Pray for the Lord’s anointing to be upon the speaker, Pastor Nicholas Choo. Pray that he would be able to relate and connect well with the children. Pray for all the children who will be attending this virtual camp that their hearts and minds will be ready to hear what God has to say to them.

Friday, (Dec 10)Pray for TRAC: Pray for all TRAC Churches to be able to step out in faith to serve the community. Pray for strength, courage, wisdom and faith to serve the community with compassion and kindness as we prepare to enter into this endemic phase. Pray that we will walk in the footsteps of Jesus who reached out to all people regardless of their background. Pray for all TRAC churches to be present in the community so that the love of Christ can be shown.

Saturday, (Dec 11) – Praise God for our worship teams that have been faithfully serving every weekend throughout this year. Pray that the spiritual lives of the team members will be one of constant growth and going deeper with God. Pray that the Lord will continue to draw them close to Him and renew and refresh them with His grace and love. Pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint them to lead with Spirit-inspired excellence that will motivate our worshippers to give their all to Christ. Even as our church has opened up to physical worship services, pray that God will raise up more people to serve in the worship ministry, not only as worship leaders, musicians and singers, but also as sound and media personnel.

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