Prayer List: 5th – 6th Nov 2022

Sunday, (Nov 6) – Lord, Jacob responded to Your mercy and love when he heed Your call and returned to Bethel. Pray for ourselves likewise that we will heed God’s call and return to the heart of worship. Pray for hearts who have turned away from God to repent and return to the heart of God. Pray for families in our church to be able to worship God together at home. Pray for family altars to be established in our homes so that we may pass on the faith to our next generation.

Monday, (Nov 7)Seminar by Pastor Steven Low on Reconnecting on 12th November. Pray that God will speak and minister to our hearts as we hear about how we may (i) Reconnect with God; (ii) Reconnect with our Spouses and (iii) Reconnect with our Children. Pray that through this seminar we may grow closer to God and closer to one another within the family. Pray for a good response to this seminar and that people will come with their hearts and mind open to receiving from the Lord. Pray also for the children’s program that will run simultaneously.

Tuesday, (Nov 8) – Pray for the church to rise up at this time to help provide its members with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in praying for the nation. Pray for the church to help members understand their responsibility as voters and to instil in them a sense of Malaysian ownership. Pray fervently for the GE15 prayer mobilisation virtual prayer drive, which will run from November 1 to November 18.

Wednesday, (Nov 9)Pray for the Nation: Pray for the additional 6 million first-time voters over the age of 18 to vote wisely and responsibly. Pray for officers involved in planning, monitoring, polling and counting to be diligent, integrity and independent. Pray for the protection of each constituency from the physical dangers of floods and Covid infections as well as any instigation of violence and disruption.

Thursday, (Nov 10)TRAC – 47th Session TRAC would be held from Friday to Sunday, December 2nd – 4th, 2022 at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ. Commit to the Lord our Conference Bishop, Bishop Joshua Khong as he presides over the conference. Pray for the Lord’s guidance to be upon him as he delivers the Conference Bishop’s address with clarity. Pray for the Lord’s anointing to be upon him as he leads the entire Annual Conference. Pray for the Lord’s protection to be upon his family constantly as well. Pray also for the Local Planning Committee as they make the necessary changes due to the postponement of the conference. Pray that all delegates will be able to accommodate the new dates.

Friday, (Nov 11) – Pray for the church youth ministry that youth will have a personal relationship with Jesus and will seek Him, listen to Him and obey Him. Pray that they will also build relationships with each other to create a safe space where they can openly share their struggles and doubts and to journey together. Pray for strength and good concentration on those who are taking exams now or soon. Pray also for the families that they will prioritize spending time with God and with one another.

Saturday (Nov 12)Prayer for the World: Pray for God’s comfort to be upon the family and friends of the victims of the Morbi bridge collapse in India and the victims of the Itaewon district crowd crush in South Korea. Pray for God’s healing upon those who have suffered injuries and those who have witnessed the traumatic incident. Pray that the authorities would thoroughly investigate the cause and do their best to make institutional changes to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

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