Prayer List: 6th – 7th Aug 2022

Sunday, (Aug 7)Pray for Methodist Women’s ministry. We thank God for entrusting the church with this ministry, where women connect with women encouraging and helping to grow in the knowledge of God and in their relationship with Him that transforms their lives. Pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and guidance to be upon each sister, as they also go out into the community to reach out to people. Pray for the lost souls to whom they minister, that they will come to receive the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus. Pray that more sisters, especially from the younger generation, will join with their God-given gifts to lead the ministry.

Monday, (Aug 8)Pray for Rev Gaurri, as August is the last month of her 3-month Sabbatical. Pray for God’s protection of her and her family. Pray that Rev Gaurri will receive true rest that only comes from abiding in our Lord Jesus and a closer relationship with Him. Pray for God’s grace and mercy to be richly upon her that He will renew her strength and passion with joy. Pray that God will reveal great plans for her and grant her assurances with His providence, as she continues to serve Him and seek the advancement of His kingdom through Klang Wesley and in the community.

Tuesday, (Aug 9) – Pray for those who are sick that they are healed and restored by the Lord. Pray for a double portion of God’s grace and strength, as they face adversities, and the grace to restore them, particularly those suffering from long Covid symptoms and mental health issues. Pray for the youth and young adults to flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the lord from a pure heart (2 Tim.2:22).

Wednesday, (Aug 10)Pray for the Nation: Continue to pray for God’s grace and mercy over our beloved nation, which is being ravaged by greater division and political instability. Pray for God’s protection and sovereign will to reign in any evil plots or violent attempts to take advantage of the current chaos. Pray for wisdom and God’s mercy as our nation and the rakyat bear the weight of rising interest rates, larger debt post-pandemic, and an outsized subsidy bill that triggers the rising national debt.

Thursday, (Aug 11)TRAC: Pray for the OLM-PLUS – an extension from Organizational Leadership Modules that is to be held on Aug.13 and 14 for the Central District 2 at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ, organized by TRAC Institute for Christian Ministry. Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the sessions that both facilitators and participants will be sensitive to God’s presence and His guidance, especially as they explore, reflect, learn and understand what it means to live out their calling and role as a spiritual leader and to grow in becoming a leadership community. Pray for fruitful reflection and discussion, from which they may bring back to the respective church after the sessions for encouragement and growth.

Friday, (Aug 12) – Pray for people’s and property’s safety, especially in light of the recent heavy rains. Pray for smooth traffic and for God’s protection to be upon those on the roads so that rain will not obstruct their vision. Pray that God will continue to guide the local authorities in their efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and floods. Pray that the community will receive the essential information or warning about such climate change in time to help lessen its consequences.

Saturday (Aug 13)Pray for the World: Pray that God will transform the hearts of the leaders so that they will fear God and lead the country with integrity and servanthood for the people and show compassion and consideration for both their country and the rest of the world. Pray for peace to be preserved in view of the recent tension between the US and China over Taiwan. Pray for God’s intervention upon North Korea that they will cease conducting missile tests and nuclear testing and will even stop expanding them. Pray for God’s justice and mercy upon Myanmar that human rights and democracy are upheld.

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