Prayer List : 7 & 8 August 2021

Sunday, August 8– Praise God that in Christ we are new creations who have passed from darkness to light, and our new lives have been created in His likeness, in righteousness and holiness. Pray that He will help us walk in Spirit and Truth, to put off all our former way of life, and not quench the working of the Spirit within us. Pray that He will help us take responsibility for living our lives in a way that honours Him through the power of the indwelling Spirit. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring about an inner change in the deep recesses of our being – a change of character that reflects the life of Christ so that we will grow to be more and more like Him and walk in newness of life and to truly lives where Christ can be seen in us.

Monday, August 9– –TheNECF 40-Day Fast & Prayer began last Saturday, August 7, 2021. Pray that the Christians in our nation will make time to engage God in this spiritual journey to guide us to stay focused and disciplined to know God more intimately and become overcomers in this time of great testing. Pray that we will cease from striving, stop our frantic activity and look to our sovereign God for strength, breakthroughs and revival, and lay our families, careers, future, finances, health and our all at the altar of God and to be still before Himto hear what He has to say to each of us.

Tuesday, August 10– Pray for TRAC:All Pastors in TRAC will be meeting online for a one-day retreat cum meeting on August 11, 2021 (Wednesday). Pray that although pastors are not able to meet in-person for Pastors School this year, they would still be able to connect with one another on August 11. Pastors will be attending a retreat entitled Loss, Grief, Faith & Healing: A Formative Session for TRAC Pastors on August 11. Pray for pastors to have a meaningful time and to be ministered to through this retreat. Pray that pastors would not be hindered in any way from attending this retreat.

Wednesday, August 11– Pray for the Nation:Pray for the power of God to move, cleanse, heal, restore and deliver our nation out of the current political turmoil, economic downturn, the health crisis and social distress. Pray that the counsel of the Lord and the plans of His heart will lead and direct our country; that His will be done in this nation and that His plans will stand forever throughout all generations (Psalm 33:11). Pray that the fear of the Lord, His wisdom and grace be upon the Yang di PertuanAgong, the Sultans, the Prime Minister and all Cabinet Ministers as they lead the country.

Thursday, August 12– –The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported that the COVID-19 Delta variant has shown to be highly infectious, and its infectivity is about 1 to 8-10 persons. The MOH has also projected that the daily number of cases will peak in the next 3-4 weeks up to about 24,000 cases per day. Pray that the peoplewill brace themselves for the next 3-4 weeks and do their part by staying home as much as needed, and strictly adhering to the SOPs when they go out. Praise God that the vaccination programme is going smoothly, and people are eligible to do walk-in to be vaccinated. Pray for efficient process at all vaccination centres, especially those with walk-ins, so no new clusters will be formed.

Friday, August 13– –Pray for God’s constant protection to be upon our church. Pray that we as a church would continue to lift our eyes up to the Lord for it is from Him that our help comes. Pray that we as a church would remain steadfast in the love of God which never ceases. Help us to cultivate a heart of gratitude in the midst of this raging pandemic. Pray that He will help us to know in our hearts that in the midst of chaos, His love invites us to be still and know that Heis God.

Saturday, August 14– Pray for the World:More than 200 million cases of COVID-19 cases have now been registered world-wide since the virus first emerged in December 2019. Many of the Asean nations, Japan and Sydney in Australia are experiencing unprecedented surges in COVID cases because of the infectious Delta variant of the virus. Pray that God will intervene and bring down the infectivity of the virus. Pray that the high-income nations will heed the appeal by the World Health Organisation to donate vaccines to the low-income nations and hold off giving booster vaccine shots to their more vulnerable citizens until more people are vaccinated across the world.

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