Prayer List: December 20, 2020

Sunday, (Dec 20) – Praise God for the miracle of Jesus’ birth, for living among humanity as one of us. Praise Jesus that He is so majestic, and yet so accessible, and thank Him for drawing near to us when we could not draw near to Him. As God chose the shepherds – lowly outcasts and poor, to be the first people to receive the greatest news the world has ever known, pray that we will worship Him in humility and meekness of heart. Pray that we will remember many who are less fortunate than ourselves in this season of giving, and in response to God’s gift of love in Christ Jesus, we will give to those in need of financial aid, and also give of ourselves to those in need of love and friendship.

Monday, (Dec 21) – Pray that this final week of Advent will help us focus on the magnitude of the love that was made manifest in Jesus. Pray that we will take time to reflect on God’s “indescribable Gift” that came wrapped in the flesh of a Baby and laid in the rough wood of a manger; and that this perfect Gift would later be rewrapped in the scars of our sin and nailed to the rugged wood of a cross on Calvary, all because of love. Pray that God will fill our hearts and minds with the significance of this truth. Pray that we will respond to this agape love by learning and choosing to love God and others the way He loves us – unconditionally and sacrificially.

Tuesday, (Dec 22) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will cleanse the dark spiritual atmosphere over our nation, expose that which is hidden, and cause human darkness and demonic agents to fail and flee at His name. As the government’s narrow majority in passing the Budget 2021 implies persistent uncertainty about future policies in the midst of the lack of political stability, pray that God will restrain the political infighting in the nation’s leaders. Pray that we will not be anxious, cynical, embittered, defeated, apathetic, or be tempted to trust in human political solutions, but continue to trust in our sovereign God, and consistently and persistently seek Him in intercession for our land.

Wednesday, (Dec 23) – Pray that all churches will adhere strictly to the SOPs with regards to their Christmas Services, especially the churches in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah which are under conditional MCO. Pray that Christians will show a good example, and follow all the SOPs regarding Christmas gatherings and activities. With Covid-19 outbreaks in a number of hospitals in the Klang Valley, pray for wisdom for the health authorities so that the outbreaks will be contained and not spread to the community. Pray also for God’s protection upon the healthcare workers and their families, as more than 1,300 healthcare workers have been infected with the Covid-19 virus since October 2020.

Thursday, (Dec 24) – The closing of our church during Christmas because of the conditional MCO is a painful and difficult time. Praise God that we are still able to have an online live-stream Christmas Service tomorrow. Pray for the Lord’s anointing and protection upon all those involved in the service tomorrow, and that it will be a blessed and meaningful time for our church members as they worship and celebrate Jesus’ birth at home. Pray that God will teach us to simplify our activities and traditions this Christmas so we will focus on the simple, yet profound miracle of Christ’s birth. Pray that the Lord will use our disappointment to build endurance, character and hope in us.

Friday, (Dec 25) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the health of all TRAC pastors, as of late, some have fallen ill. Pray that God will protect the pastors and their families from all diseases. Pray that they will be able to be part of the Christmas Day services (whether online or in the church building) and celebrate together with their congregations (in persons or virtually) this Christmas.

Saturday, (Dec 26)– Pray for the World: As the world celebrates Christmas in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, pray for people throughout the world to find hope in the Christmas Baby, and thus experience peace and joy in their hearts, and embrace His love to extend forgiveness to those who have wounded them. Pray that God will bless all people, and many will turn to Christ during this season, and find strength and reason to live in Him.

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