Prayer List: December 27, 2020

Sunday, (Dec 27) – Pray that God will bless our church members with unity, and grant us patience and humility, bearing with one another in love as we work together for the good of His Kingdom. Pray that the Holy Spirit will birth in us the character of Jesus so that we will be kind, compassionate, loving and forgiving towards one another. Pray that, as a united family of God, the Lord will enable us to be the light that leads non-believers to Him. Pray that we will be good role models to the people around us so they may see Christ and His love in our unity, and will want to know Him more and more.

Monday, (Dec 28) – As we come to the end of a turbulent year where our lives were turned upside-down by the pandemic, pray that we will take time to reflect on all that has happened to us in 2020. As we cross the threshold of a new year, pray that we will use this opportune time to re-evaluate our lives in the light of the future: how we will use 2021; what our priorities will be; whether the things we do and give our lives to are of utmost importance in the light of eternity; and most important, how strong and deep our relationship with God is.

Tuesday, (Dec 29) – Selangor continues to record high numbers of Covid-19 infections because of the large population, the frequent movement as well as the emergence of clusters at workplaces. Cumulatively, the nation has exceeded 100,000 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic. Pray that the public will not grow complacent after months of having to follow the SOPs, but will continue to work together vigilantly with the health authorities to bring down the daily infections. Pray also for all frontliners, for protection from the virus, and physical, mental and emotional strength.

Wednesday, (Dec 30) – Pray for the pre-recorded online Watch Night Covenant Renewal Service that will be broadcasted tomorrow at 10p.m. Pray that we will be encouraged and renewed by the service as we reaffim our covenant with God, and recommit our lives to Him in the year ahead. Pray also for good participation from our members for the prayer meeting via zoom at 12 midnight tomorrow, and for the Morning Watches on Saturday to Thursday, January 2-7, 2021, whether we come in person to the Multi Purpose Hall in church, or virtually via zoom. Pray for the Lord’s presence and guidance as we seek Him in worship and intercession.

Thursday, (Dec 31) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s power to break and demolish strongholds in the unseen dimension of demonic activities, secret plotting, evil human manipulations and witchcraft in our land. Pray that the Lord will overturn the corruption of money politics, which overshadows elections and decisions on government regulations, policies and procurement actions. Pray that there will be real and effective accountability at the very highest office of government, especially from the very top of the Cabinet down to the Civil Service.

Friday, (Jan 1) – Pray for TRAC: The postponed installation of the new TRAC President, Rev Joshua Khong and the Ordination Service of Rev Lester Lim (Elder), Rev Jonathan Chan, Rev Wong Chun Mun and Rev William Kwong (all Deacons) will now be held on Jaunary 2, 2021 in Ipoh. Pray that all will go well. Pray especially for the new President, for God to grant him wisdom, strength, love and grace as he carries out his duties. Pray also for journey mercies for all who will be travelling to Ipoh fo this event, and that the Lord will protect them all and keep them in good health.

Saturday, (Jan 2) – Pray for the World: The United Kingdom has to battle a new and more infectious strain of the Covid-19 virus and the government has imposed tighter restrictions on millions of people in England. Pray that the people will be patient and cooperative, and not vent their frustration on the government over the restrictions. Pray for wisdom for the government to deal with this new virus strain. Pray also for the healthcare frontliners, who are already exhausted and discouraged, for God’s protection, strength and grace as they continue to tend to those infected with the virus.

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