Prayer List: December 3, 2021

Sunday, (Jan 3) – Give glory to God as the Creator of all things, that He spoke, and the universe came into existence; and at His command, flowers, trees and plants sprang from the ground, the seas teemed with living things and the earth with living creatures. Praise Him that the crown of His creation was humanity made in His image, and He gave us dominion over all the earth and everything in it. Ask God for forgiveness that we have failed in our stewardship to rule the earth, and have polluted His beautiful creation because of our fallen nature. Pray that the Lord will help us put on a new self, created to be like Him in true righteousness and holiness.

Monday, (Jan 4) – Praise God for Pastor Gaurri, our new pastor in 2021. Pray for God’s hand of favour, wisdom and blessing upon her as she takes over from Pastor Ashok. Pray that she will form good relationships with the church staff, the church leadership and all the members, and will enjoy her tenure here as Klang Wesley’s pastor. Pray also for Pastor Ashok as he moves on to be Associate Pastor of KL Wesley. Pray that he will work well with the pastor-in-charge, Rev Andrew Lim. Pray that he will also form good relationships with the church staff, the church leadership and all the members of KL Wesley.

Tuesday, (Jan 5) – Thank God for helping us make it through 2020, that He carried us through the uncertainty, the trials and the hard losses. Pray that 2021 will be a year of new beginnings, fresh starts and hope, as we leave behind the tragedy of 2020. Pray that the Lord will give us faith to know that regardless of what the past year has been for us, we can start afresh this year with His grace and strength. Pray that we will live this year not with our heads looking backwards, but that we will run with confidence into the plans and purposes He has set before us. Pray for breakthroughs in our spiritual life, that we will be more responsible in our pursuits, our faith and our prayer life.

Wednesday, (Jan 6) –. Pray for the Nation: At a time when the nation is struggling with shrinking incomes, a faltering economy, a weak government and a raging pandemic, pray that politicians will not focus their time and energy on frivolous issues. Pray that every evil of extreme, divisive and selfish partisan politics fed by the lust for power and control will be defeated. Pray that the spirit of mediocrity that is diminishing the productivity of the nation and the minds of the people will be replaced by the pursuit for excellence. Pray for a restoration and a rebuilding of our nation where truth, righteousness, justice, excellence and prosperity will prevail.

Thursday, (Jan 7) – Current active Covid-19 cases in the country have exceeded 21,000 and daily new cases are close to 2,000. As the conditional MCO was eased for the sake of the country’s economy, pray that the rakyat will be responsible citizens, and continue to be vigilant in following the SOPs. Pray that the people will exercise restraint, and not engage in big social gatherings, or flout the SOPs, thereby exposing themselves to any risk of infection, and also causing further strain to our healthcare system. Pray that the public will learn to live with the new normal, and not behave as if the pandemic is over.

Friday, (Jan 8) – Pray for TRAC: There are 2 very important TRAC meetings on January 8 & 9, 2021. Firstly, the new Board of Ministry meeting, and secondly, the new Executive Board meeting. Pray for Rev Ashok, who is the new Board of Ministry Chairman, for wisdom and good management skills. Pray also for Rev Joshua Khong as he leads the Executive Board as the new TRAC President. As both meetings will be online meetings, pray that the IT connections will work well, and everything will go smoothly.

Saturday, (Jan 9)– Pray for the World: Pray that the highly infectious coronavirus variant discovered in Britain will not spread to other nations, as governments take appropriate precautions against it happening. The fight against COVID-19 has seen vaccine development move at record speed, and there are 4 categories of vaccines in clinical trials now. Pray that the vaccines will be effective in protecting people against the virus, will have minimal side effects, and will be made available to the entire world.

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