Prayer List: December 6, 2020

Sunday, (Dec 6) – Praise God that He is not a God who is detached and far away, but He came to live among us in Jesus. Thank Him that Jesus walked the earth as a Man, and He understands the limitations of our humanity. Pray that we will know Him as Emmanuel – God with us – and trust Him as a God who sees our pain, understands what we feel more than anyone else, is ready to listen to us and speak to us, and promises to walk with us through all the difficult paths of life. Pray that as we grow deeper in our relationship with Him, we will not walk in fear, anxiety, despair or defeat. Instead, we will walk in courage, joy, peace and power because God is with us.

Monday, (Dec 7) – The second week of Advent reminds us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Praise God that He offers us a peace that surpasses all understanding regardless of our circumstances or our situations. Pray that the Lord will help us to trust fully in Him and to rest in the perfect Shalom peace that He gives as our minds are stayed on the truth of His powerful love. Pray that during this time of the pandemic where many people are worried, anxious and fearful of the future, we who have the peace of God will bring them to the Prince of Peace.

Tuesday, (Dec 8) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that the new PN government will carry out projects that will build infrastructure in Malaysia that will help people to develop. Pray that money will not be misused for personal benefit. Pray that the needs of the Orang Asli and the Orang Asal in Sarawak will be undertaken, and especially the children’s generation will grow and benefit from education programmes that cause holistic development among them.

Wednesday, (Dec 9) – Economists and the business sector want the government to lift the conditional MCO, and to target MCO in selected areas where the number of Covd-19 cases are high, as businesses are cash-starved due to the movement restriction. Pray for wisdom for the government to make the right decisions to balance lives and livelihoods as the Covid-19 numbers in the nation have been hovering around 4 digits for the last month or so. Pray also that the public will take responsibility to help the situation by complying with the SOPs, as daily, many people are being booked by the police for violating laws related to the recovery MCO nationwide.

Thursday, (Dec 10) – Praise God for the Sunday School Christmas Party that was held online via zoom last Sunday, Praise God for a good response from children, and that even though they could not meet physically, everyone still had an enjoyable time. Pray that the children will be motivated to join the online Sunday School lessons. With the conditional MCO when more families are spending time together at home, pray that parents will take this time to bond with their children and discple them with love and spiritual input so they will grow up in a godly and wholesome way. Pray that families will give priority to have family altars where they can worship the Lord together as a family.

Friday, (Dec 11) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for all TRAC churches as they prepare for Christmas Day. Most likely, the Christmas Day Service will be online due to the current pandemic. Pray that the Christmas Day Service will be meaningful, and the joy of Christmas can be celebrated in individual families. Pray that creative ways can be employed by using online medium. Pray too that the Christians will take time to reach out to their pre-believing relatives and friends with the love and joy of Christmas.

Saturday, (Dec 12) – Pray for the World: The world desperately needs Jesus this Christmas. Pray that throughout the world the joy, love and peace of the Lord will be shared with others during this season of peace and goodwill, particularly with those who need love and hope this Christmas even as they are struggling with living in the midst of the pandemic. Pray that Christians will rise up and extend a helping hand to those who are needy and those who are marginalized from society.

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