Prayer List: February 7, 2021

Sunday, (Feb 7) – God’s name Adonai has reminded us of His rightful place as Lord and Master in our lives. Pray that as we come before Him with humble hearts, He will grant us wisdom to submit to Him graciously, knowing that we are not submitting to a harsh Master, but to a loving King and Father who brings us blessings and fills us with good things as we live in obedience to Him. Confess to God that we are people with divided hearts, and there are times when we desire worldly things more than the things of His Kingdom. Pray that as we submit to the Holy Spirit, He will empower us to serve the Lord wholeheartedly, and that God will be our sole Master.

Monday, (Feb 8) – Pray for the World: On February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military detained Aung Sang Suu Kyi and other government leaders in a coup and announced that they will take control for at least one year. Day to day life is a challenge as soldiers are out on the streets and banks are closed. People are angry, sad and fearful of the uncertainty of what comes next. Pray that the negotiation taking place between the military and the government will bring a peaceful resolution to the situation, and there will be no violence. Pray for those who are sick, especially those with Covid-19, as the health services have refused to work under the dictatorship of the new regime, that God will provide a solution for the sick to be cared for. Pray also that God will provide for the people’s daily needs as banks, markets and services have been disrupted.

Tuesday, (Feb 9) – The daily Covid-19 infections continue to be in the 4 digits range, and the daily death tolls are also high. Pray for those who are down with Covid-19, for God’s healing grace, peace and comfort upon them. Pray also for God’s comfort and strength upon those who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus. With the mass vaccination programme due to start at the end of this month, pray for wisdom for the health authorities and government to work out a proper database of the people who will be vaccinated first so as to avoid wastage and to monitor side effects.

Wednesday, (Feb 10) – Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve, and in the midst of a raging pandemic, this year’s Chinese New Year will be a subdued and toned-down celebration for Chinese families. Pray that the reunion dinner will be a meaningful time for families, even though many family members are unable to come together to celebrate with each other. Pray that families will still be able to connect via IT technology and renew their ties with one another. Pray that the public will continue to adhere to the SOPs during this holiday season, and by the grace of God, there will be no spike in the Covid-19 infections.

Thursday, (Feb 11) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that Malaysia will remain a secular nation, honouring our Federal Constitution. Pray that there will be a reduction in power and influence of racial and extreme religious bodies, and to rebuild this nation with righteousness, justice and equality for all the rakyat. Pray for equitable policies for all races with the acceptance and adoption of multiracial politics. Pray for wisdom and the proper use of power by the government in this period of emergency in the nation.

Friday, (Feb 12) – Pray for TRAC: Local Preacher’s License (LPL) Holders – Lay leadership has always been central in the historic Methodist understanding of ministry. The concern to encourage more lay people to take up LPL is in continuity with this central belief of Methodism and the New Testament doctrine of the “Priesthood of Believers”. Pray for all TRAC LPL Holders that they will indeed desire to grow deeper in the Word of God. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance to be upon all of them as they go about doing ministry for the Lord.

Saturday, (Feb 13) – Pray for the teachers and students who continue to do online teaching and learning as they have to face various challenges and issues. Pray for the teachers as they have to adapt to a new and unfamiliar way of teaching, and as they struggle to gauge how students are understanding the lessons, and whether they are participating in learning experiences. Pray for students as they struggle to learn online because of lack of in-person communication, and lack of motivation. Poor internet access and the high cost of IT gadgets for online learning also contribute to the problem. Pray for wisdom for the Ministry of Education to find alternative ways to ensure that students will have proper education during this pandemic.

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