Prayer List: January 10, 2021

Sunday, (Jan 10) – Confess to God that there are times we have found ourselves overwhelmed because we wanted to be in control of our own lives. Praise God that as we surrender to Him, His radical grace makes all things new. Pray that the Lord will help us see our failures and mistakes as He sees them: opportunities to draw closer to Him. Pray that Christ will help us find our worth and identity only in Him, not in our accomplishments and not in our missteps. As our new start cannot be found in more money, more business, more fun, more stuff, but is found only in Christ, pray that we will draw closer to Him this year, always sure of the fresh start we have been given because of His sacrifice.

Monday, (Jan 11) – Praise God for the week-long hybrid morning watches that began on January 2, 2021, that everything went off smoothly, and there was good coordination between those who were physically present and those who joined via zoom. Thank God that an average of 25 people came for the prayer meetings. As the church continues to have our regular zoom prayer meetings on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings, and on Thursday mornings and nights, pray that the CG leaders will continue to promote these prayer meetings to their cell members, and more people will join the prayer meetings.

Tuesday, (Jan 12) – The number of daily Covid-19 cases continue to be high due to the loosening of interstate travel restrictions and lack of SOP compliance. The Health DG warns that the number of daily infections can reach 8,000 a day in March if the infectivity rate continues to remain high. Pray for wisdom for the health authorities to come up with new containment strategies to bring down the daily numbers, while ensuring that the economy will not be badly affected. Pray that the government will give clear guidelines where there can be no two interpretations of the SOPs. Pray that the SOPs will be strictly enforced, and those caught flouting them will be severely dealt with.

Wednesday, (Jan 13) – Pray for the Nation: Malaysia is going through a challenging time in many areas presently. Pray that as the various political parties continue to bicker and fight, cool heads will prevail and politicians will not act irresponsibly and call for a general election in the midst of a pandemic. Flooding has worsened in Peninsular Malaysia, with thousands of people being displaced across 7 states. Pray that as the flood victims are being placed in flood relief centres, they will continue to do their best to comply with the SOPs for Covid-19, and the Lord will grant them His protection.

Thursday, (Jan 14) – Pray for the Church in Malaysia, that God will guide pastors, church leaders and workers with wisdom and strength as they begin afresh this new year in view of the “new normal”. As the nation waits for the vaccine to be made available, pray that God will grant His Church the necessary spirit, attitude and giftings that will edify His people, preach the Gospel to the fearful and anxious, and reach out to the poor and needy in the community. Pray that God will strengthen His Church to be united in persevering prayer. Pray that the Lord will keep His people safe, and grant them wisdom so that they will act responsibly and comply with the SOPs in stopping the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Friday, (Jan 15) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for our Conference Bishop, Rev Joshua Khong, as he settles into TRAC Headquaters as our TRAC Bishop. Pray that God will bestow him with wisdom as he leads the conference. Pray for the Holy Spirit to teach and to guide him in his call and appointment in this special office. Pray that God will grant him strength and joy as he carries out his responsibility as the Conference Bishop. Pray for his family, that God will keep them safe, especially his two daughters, wherever they are.

Saturday, (Jan 16) – Pray for the World: Pray for the US as the nation prepares for the inauguration of the new President on January 20, 2021. Pray for a smooth and orderly transition of power when the new President is sworn in. Pray against any form of violent protests, and that the American public will accept the new President. Pray that the people of the US will recognize a need for a national repentance, and that the nation will return to God, and embrace the faith of their founding fathers.

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