Prayer List: January 17, 2021

Sunday, (Jan 17) – Pray for the Orang Asli (OA) students that as they will be returning to the Raub Hostel tomorrow, God will grant them protection from the Covid-19 virus. Pray that they will be able to successfully apply for travel permits from the police so their travel back to the hostel will be unhindered and smooth. Pray that these students will be able to adapt well to the online tuition provided by Christian tutors. Pray for wisdom, strength and God’s divine guidance for the warden and OA wardens as they take care of the students. Pray that God will individually touch and walk with every OA teenager in the hostel that they will grow up as men and women of God.

Monday, (Jan 18) – Praise God that He is our faithful Provider, that He has always provided what we needed, and always knows what our real needs are, better than we know. Pray that we will learn to trust Him more in every situation, and to trust in His ability and not our own. Pray that He will teach us to see difficulties in our lives from His perspective, that He is using difficulties and delays to perfect and develop our trust in Him. Although we do not always understand when things do not work out the way we expect, pray that we will always trust that God will never fail to provide for our needs in His time and in His way.

Tuesday, (Jan 19) – Schools are scheduled to reopen tomorrow, January 20, 2021 for examination classes, e.g. the Form 5 & Form 6 classes. Pray that all the students and teachers will abide strictly to the SOPs, and for God’s protection upon them, that they will stay healthy. Pray also for the rest of the students who will be continuing with online classes. Pray that God will provide for the poorer students who do not have laptops/computers so they will be able to join the online classes. Pray especially for the teachers as they conduct these online classes, for wisdom and creativity, and for the students to get used to the new normal of studying, and that they will benefit from these online lessons.

Wednesday, (Jan 20) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will expose the political leaders whose personal interests matter more to them than the well-being of the nation, Pray that the leaders will truly and sincerely adhere to their goals of mitigating the Covid-19 numbers in their all-out efforts to do so, and not short-change the rakyat by focusing on their own power struggle agendas. Pray for wisdom for the government to find solutions and measures to counter the pandemic-related financial stress which would subsequently have an adverse impact on the people’s mental health unless quick measures are taken to address it.

Thursday, (Jan 21) – The new MCO will bring more job losses, and the closure of businesses, and this will lead to anger, anxiety and depression, which will likely result in a rise in suicides due to social isolation, and increased domestic violence. Pray that the public will cooperate with the authorities during this lockdown, and by God’s grace, the number of daily infections will go down before the situation deteriorates further. Pray that the rakyat will understand the challenges and trials faced by the frontliners, and will not make the situation worse by defiantly flouting the SOPs. Pray that God will continue to sustain the frontliners, and grant them physical, mental and emotional strength, and protect them and their families from the Covid-19 virus.

Friday, (Jan 22) – Pray for TRAC: Commit to the Lord our various District Superintendents. Pray for God’s strength and wisdom as they lead the various churches under their respective districts. Pray that they will be able to manage their time well as they will soon enter into a season of Local Conferences, and eventually the District Conferences. Pray that God will bless their ministries and their families.

Saturday, (Jan 23) – Pray for the World: The pandemic death toll has exceeded 2 million people worldwide, the daily numbers of Covid-19 infections continue to soar in many nations, and health-care systems all over the world are collapsing. Pray that God will grant wisdom and guidance to the governments of the world’s nations to deal with the situation. Pray that people worldwide will turn to Christ and find hope in Him as they struggle with the devastation of the pandemic.

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