Prayer List: January 30-31, 2021

Sunday, (Jan 31) – Praise God for His grace given to us through Jesus Christ. Pray that this grace will enable us to live our lives in total dependence upon the Lord, to walk in spirit and truth and to submit our wills to Him. Pray that we will be given the grace to die to self daily and to live for Christ, so that whatever we do and say may be filtered through His love and grace. Pray that in our weakness we will know His strength, in our sorrow we will know His joy, in our pain we will know His healing touch, and in these hard and difficult times, we pray that we will know His amazing grace and His perfect peace deep within our souls.

Monday, (Feb 1) – The Ministry of Education has confirmed that the SPM, STPM and other important public exams will begin on February 22, 2021 as scheduled. Pray for all the students as they prepare for their exams, as many of them feel they are not ready to take the exams because for the most part of 2020, physical school was suspended, and there has been a lot of confusion and uncertainty about when the exams will be held. Pray for God’s peace upon them and for perseverance as they prepare for the exams. Pray also for God’s protection upon them so they will stay healthy, as they are attending physical classes now, and some students have been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Tuesday, (Feb 2) – Pray for the Nation: “The government has stressed that it will never compromise with those involved in corruption” (The STAR, January 30, 2021). Pray that the nation’s leaders will walk the talk, and stern action will be taken following the principle of the rule of law against anyone (regardless of who they are) involved in corruption. Pray for wisdom and integrity for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as it pledges to study proposals by Transparency International Malaysia to improve efforts in fighting corruption in the nation.

Wednesday, (Feb 3) – The daily Covid-19 infections continue to be in the thousands, with the bulk of the infections coming from the Klang Valley, Johor and Sabah. Pray for wisdom for the health authorities and the government to make the right decisions to balance lives and livelihoods with regards to the MCO. Pray that the rakyat will be responsible, and comply with all the SOPs, especially as people are making preparations to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Pray also for wisdom for the government as it maps out a nationwide vaccination plan scheduled to begin in March.

Thursday, (Feb 4) – There has been a spike in the number of suicides during the pandemic as debts pile up and relationships break down. Pray that God will raise up people, especially from among His people, who will be readily available to listen and console, and bring hope and offer love at a time when these people feel pain, loneliness, and hopelessness and wonder if life is worth living. Pray that Christians will be alert to reach out to those who are depressed and desperate, and help them find hope in Christ who alone is the “Hope of hopes”.

Friday, (Feb 5) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the Institute of Christian Ministry’s (ICM) work in TRAC. Pray for God’s wisdom to be with the ICM Team as they work together in providing tools and avenues for all who desire to have a deepening life in discipleship. Pray for the new Board Chair, Rev Yong Wai Yin, that she will be able to lead the team well. Pray for more participation from the churches in the whole area of Spiritual Formation, which is so crucial for the growth of the Church.

Saturday, (Feb 6)– Pray for the World: Pray for the persecuted Church worldwide. Pray for governments that pass laws that curtail and oppress religious freedom, that these oppressive yokes be broken and demolished. Pray for Christians accused under blasphemy laws and are facing dangerous trials and mobs, that God will strengthen them and vindicate them. Pray for God’s protection for the vulnerable, especially the women, from physical abuse, kidnappings and forced marriages.

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