Prayer List: May 9, 2021

Sunday, (May 9) – Praise and thank God for all mothers on this Mother’s Day. Pray for all mothers to emulate Mary, the mother of Jesus, that like her, they will love God with all their hearts and respond favorably whenever God calls. As Mary offered a magnificent prayer to God not long after she became pregnant, pray that mothers will follow her example, and are deeply prayerful, and speak to God from their hearts day-by-day. As Mary presented Jesus in the Temple, pray that mothers will consecrate their children to God and do everything possible to help their children do what God wants in their lives. As Mary stood at the foot of the cross and suffered with her Son, pray that mothers will stand with their children throughout life, especially when things go bad, to offer love and support in whatever way they can.

Monday, (May 10) – The daily COVID-19 cases remained above 3,500 in the past week with nearly half of the infections recorded in the Klang Valley. Pray that the MCO reimposed in KL and various districts in certain states in the nation will help to bring down the daily cases. Pray that the authorities will give clear SOPs, and that the public will comply with all the directives. Mass screenings to detect COVID-19 infections among local communities in Selangor started last week. Pray that this will be effective in curbing the infections in Selangor which has the highest number of daily infections. Pray also that the vaccination roll-out will continue smoothly.

Tuesday, (May 11) – Pray for the CG ministries of Wesley Methodist Church Klang to thrive. Pray that through the CG ministries, each of our members would be able to experience love and care. Pray that through the CG ministries, we would be able to offer one another companionship as we navigate life through this season of the pandemic. Pray that God would help us, through our CG ministries, to learn to love and serve one another. Pray for our CG Leaders, that God’s wisdom would be upon them as they lead and guide their respective CGs.

Wednesday, (May 12) – Pray for the World: Since the military coup in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, more than 750 people have been killed, including children as young as six years old, several thousand activists, journalists, civil servants and politicians have been detained, and hundreds have disappeared. Pray for wisdom and courage for the UN Security Council to intervene in this situation and help protect civilians peacefully protesting the military coup. Pray for a peaceful solution and for democracy to be restored to the country.

Thursday, (May 13) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the government, that the weakened foundations of good and stable governance be rebuilt and restored in all three branches of government, that is, the Legislature (Parliament), the Executive and the Judiciary. Pray for the upholding of the rule of law and justice to be done in all portfolios, departments and institutions of governance – from the Prime Minister’s office to the civil service and security forces, including the police, the immigration and the army.

Friday, (May 14) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for all TRAC Churches in Central District 2. Pray for the pastors and leaders of CD2 as they give guidance to their respective congregations regarding church ministries during this 3rd phase of MCO. Although many ministries would have to be put on hold, pray that nonetheless, our churches would be able to reach out and remain connected as one body in Christ. Pray for the leadership team of each of our CD2 churches to remain united in one heart and spirit. Pray that our leadership teams would stand in the gap and pray unceasingly for God’s intervention

Saturday, (May 15) – With the implementation of MCO 3.0, many businesses have been adversely affected. Pray for business recoveries, and protection from despair and stress for those who have lost their jobs. Pray that God will provide them with creative ways and resources to be able to continue to make a living. Pray that employers will be compassionate to all employees affected, especially for daily wage earners and migrant workers. Pray that business owners and operators will exercise caution, and adhere to the directives from the authorities at all times to prevent the spreading of the virus.

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