Prayer List: November 15, 2020

Sunday, (Nov 15) – Praise God that He is in control of history, and the day is coming when Christ will return to earth in power and great glory to set up His everlasting Kingdom, and bring peace, joy and everlasting life to all who have placed their faith in Him. Pray that those who are feeble and weak in faith will be strengthened through the indwelling Holy Spirit to persevere unto that day. Pray that the Lord will grant grace to each of us to consider our lifestyles, our financial goals, our values and priorities, and make Him Lord of all areas of our lives. Pray that God will give us a renewed generosity with our time, our talents and our treasure to live and work for His everlasting Kingdom.

Monday, (Nov 16) – Pray for the World: Pray for the USA in the aftermath of their Presidential Elections 2020. Pray for God’s will to be done – that the people, no matter what their political affliation is, will accept whoever becomes the President for 2021-2014. Pray for reconciliation and unity for a nation that has been badly fragmented over the presidential elections, for peace to prevail and that there will be no violence of any kind in the weeks and months ahead. Pray also for the people to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves against the Covid-19 virus, as the daily cases are increasing steadily.

Tuesday, (Nov 17) – The daily number of Covid-19 cases in our nation continues to be high, especially in the Klang Valley because of its high density population, and the frequent movement of people from one place to another. As the conditional MCO was implemented to limit travel to curb the spread of the virus, pray that the public will comply with all the SOPs. Pray that God will protect all healthcare frontliners, and grant them a positive spirit and physical and mental strength as they continue to care for the sick. Pray also that God will grant wisdom to the health authorities so they will make effective decisions that will bring down the Covid-19 infections.

Wednesday, (Nov 18) – Pray for the Nation: Klang Valley residents suffered yet another unscheduled water cut on November 10, 2020, barely 3 weeks after the last one. Pray that the Selangor government will find the cause and solution for these water cuts so that it will not happen again, especially during this time of the pandemic. Pray also for the MPs that they will deliberate objectively on Budget 2021, so that the government will deliver a budget that will benefit all the rakyat, especially the poor and needy, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Thursday, (Nov 19) – Pray for the youths as most of them are studying online, for focus and strength to study diligently, and for head and heart preparation for their examinations. Pray for those facing major examinations early in 2021 that the Education Ministry will make decisions with the students’ best interests at heart so as to alleviate any uncertainty or anxiety. Pray for spiritual growth and hunger for God during this time as the youths have more time at home, and for continued strengthening of relationships between the youths and parents/siblings. Pray for the 12 year olds joining youths next year that it will be a positive experience for them even though the meetings may probably still be done online.

Friday, (Nov 20) – Pray for TRAC: By now, the TRAC appointments would have been publicly read. Pray for the pastors who will be going on transfer in 2021, that they will able to clear unfinished business in their local churches and make the necessary preparations for the next pastor to take over. Pray that the family members of these pastors will receive God’s love and peace during the period leading up to the end of 2020. Pray for God’s protection upon the pastors and their families as they move to their new parishes. Pray too for the local churches to be prepared for a change of pastor.

Saturday, (Nov 21) – Pray for the Cell Ministry that during this time of the pandemic, the Cell Groups will be able to meet regularly online via zoom, and that Cell Members will continue to grow spiritually, and be connected to one another through the online meetings. Pray for God’s grace and strength upon all the Cell Leaders as they lead their Cell Groups in this new normal. Pray that the conditional MCO will soon end so that Cell Groups that meet physically will be able to resume their meetings.

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