Prayer List: November 22, 2020

Sunday, (Nov 22) – Praise God for His loving care over us, and His promise that He will always be with us. Pray that He will increase our faith so we will turn all our cares over to Him and let Him have complete control of our lives. Pray that Jesus will be enough for us to keep our souls contented, tranquil and quiet like a child in its mother’s arms. Pray that our Father will help us to seek contentment in everything we do; and when things do not work out the way we want, we will still find contentment in Christ. Pray that we will learn to rely on God’s promises and Christ’s power to stay contented whatever our circumstances or situations.

Monday, (Nov 23) – Hospital beds for Covid-19 in the Klang Valley were significantly increased after the recent surge in new cases; and health authorities opined that it will be weeks or even months before the Helath Ministry’s target of an infectivity level of below 0.5 can be achieved. Pray for wisdom for the health authorities and government to put together proper public health measures, and for all individuals to comply with the strict rules and SOPs, so that the target of a 0.5 infectivity level will be achieved as soon as possible. Pray also that employers, especially those in factories and construction sites, will protect their businesses by taking strict measures to ensure that all their workers are free of Covid-19.

Tuesday, (Nov 24) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that that the Holy Spirit will preside over the Parliament sittings so that justice, righteousness, responsibility and accountability will be restored in the nation. Pray that as the MPs debate over Budget 2021, they will put aside personal agendas, differences and obsession with power, and focus on passing a budget that will really help the needs faced by all of the people regardless of race, encourage economic growth in the nation, and benefit the poorer sector of the rakyat.

Wednesday, (Nov 25) – Praise God for the Prayer Ministry in Klang Wesley that continues to hold zoom prayer meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings, and Thursday night since the MCO began in March. Praise God also for all the people who have faithfully joined these prayer meetings every week. Pray that God will continue to bless His people with strength and power to keep seeking Him for the needs of our church, the nation and the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit will motivate more people to join these online prayer meetings.

Thursday, (Nov 26) – Pray for the Worship Ministry of our church because this has been a difficult year as the worship teams have to cope with pre-recorded and live stream worship services, besides having to sing with masks on. Thank God that they have always given their best to the Lord. Pray that they will continue to deepen their relationship with Christ, and spend time to connect with Him during this season when they have to spend more time at home. Pray that the Lord will continue to refresh and renew them so they will serve Him out of the joy and fullness of their relationship with Him.

Friday, (Nov 27) – Pray for TRAC: Congratulations to Rev Joshua Khong on his election as the new President of TRAC (2021-2024). Pray for him and his family as they move to their new residence in TRAC office, PJ. Pray for a smooth transition between one President and another. Pray also that God’s wisdom be upon Rev Joshua Khong as he leads the Conference. Pray that he will work well with his team of new leaders in TRAC.

Saturday, (Nov 28) – Pray for the World: The Covid-19 cases and deaths continue to rise all over the world, the latest being an outbreak in South Australia. Pray for wisdom for the health authorities and governments in the nations of the world to effectively cope with this new wave of infections. Praise God for answered prayers – that medical scientists are getting positive results with regards to the development of a vaccine. Pray that God will bless their work and that there will be an effective vaccine to combat the Covid-19 virus by next year.

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