Prayer List: October 11, 2020

Sunday, (Oct 11) – Pray that as believers of Christ, we will heed His call to follow Him, to turn away from our own selfish interests, and to take up our cross daily and deny ourselves, even if the path is difficult to see, or is heading in a direction we would never have chosen for ourselves. Pray that we will seek His forgiveness for being so quick to question and so hesitant to follow. Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower us to see with the eyes of faith, rather than from our own human point of view. Pray that He will give us a heart of steadfastness, and a spirit of obedience to follow Christ without fear or hesitation, knowing that He is always with us, leading the way.

Monday, (Oct 12) – Pray for God’s grace and mercy upon Sabah, Kedah, Selangor and other parts of Malaysia that has been badly affected by this fresh outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Pray that God will give wisdom and strategies to the authorities to contain the virus so that the number of new infections will decrease. Pray that the health authorities will be able to trace all positive cases and isolate them, especially those in the red zone areas. Pray against any new clusters from being formed, and that the public will be vigilant to help break the vicious viral strain. Pray for God’s divine healing upon those infected by the virus, and protection for all the healthcare frontliners.

Tuesday, (Oct 13) – The Church of Malaysia does not take pains to walk closely with God, but often walk in pride and lust after the things of the world. The Church is slacking in prayer and in the study of God’s Word, does not recognise when He speaks, and is not enthusiastic in wanting to obey His voice. Pray that God’s people will return to Him in genuine repentance, and seek to saturate our lives in the Word of God, spend time in solitude and silence to hear what the Spirit is saying, and to genuinely seek God’s perfect will for our lives.

Wednesday, (Oct 14) – Pray for the Nation: The nation is facing political instability, a sputtering economy, growing unemployment, and a third wave of coronavirus infections. Pray that the government will not be distracted by the constant jousting for power and control, but will focus on economic recovery and attract more foreign investors into the country, the creation of new jobs and to effectively deal with the Covid-19 infections. Pray for God’s intervention for a godly and stable government able to make wise and righteous decisions for all the rakyat.

Thursday, (Oct 15) – Pray that God will give wisdom to the government to balance the saving of lives and livelihoods even as the cases of Covid-19 have risen sharply, and more people are out of jobs. Pray that God will bless those in the business lines, and for their businesses to recover. Pray that He will protect those who have lost their jobs, or have been retrenched, and grant them wisdom and initiative to find alternative and creative ways to put food on the table for their families.

Friday, (Oct 16) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Rev Yong Wai Yin, who is not only the pastor of Seremban Wesley and Taman Ujong Methodist Church, but is also the Conference Secretary of TRAC. She has many things to look into now as it is only one month away from the 45th Session TRAC in Petaling Jaya. There is also some uncertainty as to whether this 2-day Conference will be changed to a fully online Session of TRAC due to the worrying numbers of Covid-19 cases. Pray for God’s strength to be upon her as she carries out her duties, and that the work in the 2 parishes will be manageable. Pray for God’s protection upon her at all times.

Saturday, (Oct 17) – Pray for the World: Pray against the human trafficking networking worldwide. The problem is huge as it involves very poor parents who are willing to sell their young daughters for a small fortune. Even the police and the authorities are involved in this sinister world of human trafficking. Pray that God will break every evil connection and the girls and women will be set free. Pray for organisations that provide a safe haven for these girls and women to live in, especially Christian organisations that they may also share Christ with these girls and women and disciple them.

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